Oh life ,I love you

Oh Life ,I love you

Oh life ,

my  beautiful co traveler

what should I say

I love you every day

what you give
me on this path
I will accept
with all my heart …
Oh life
I don’t know till today
why i never
understood your ways
I love you so much
that I  keep walking
with hope and faith
as long as you are with me
I fear no enemy …
Oh life
your roads at times
are full of puddles
and potholes
at times ,soft green grass
strewn with earthy flowers
both exist side by side
I’ve learnt to
endear them alike …
Oh life
despite all the pain
you never leave my side
even when I cry
you raise my spirits
by your strength and courage
and bring joy and pleasure
for me to treasure ..
Oh life
you are Gods gift
so it matters not
if you drop me
or give me a lift
it’s these ups and downs
which make  me feel alive
for to live  life
in a straight line
means I don’t survive ….
All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Judging infinity

Consciousness at stake

Standing at the mountain edge
on a moonless starry night
i gaze into the heavens above
oh ! what a delirious mystic sight

I feel myself expand even
into vast infinite emptiness
as my heart heaves a seven
at the absolute nothingness

And now my eyes look down
on the calm water flowing below
as I feel myself collapsing
into an esoteric streamy flow

Oh!what huge unknown unseen
are these limitless crazy mysteries
out here in this boundless sea
the sheer potentials make my mind freeze

And now as I look into my inside
I find the outside merging in me
as my limited strange perceptions
seem to fondly play hide and seek

I slowly wrap my empty head
around the vast vacant escape
trying to discern the dynamic range
of apparent consciousness at stake …

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi


Consciousness at stake
Consciousness at stake

Love is a riddle

Love is a riddle

Love speaks from your eyes
Yet Love cannot be seen or heard
Love is in silence or in noise,
Yet there is an Echo of Love.

Love is beyond touch,
Yet Love touches the Heart.
Love is indefinable,
Yet Love is defined in a million ways.

Love brings freedom
Yet love causes bonds of attachment
Love is a feeling
Yet love is beyond all senses

Love is honored
Yet Love is also besmeared
Love is commonplace,
Yet Love is not an ordinary gimmick

Love is what you make of it,
Yet there is more to Love than what you make of it.
Love in the World has no limit
Yet there is poverty of love in this world

Love comes from the heart
Yet hearts yearn to be loved
Love is in your every breath
Yet your breath pauses n’ sighs for Love

Love in your every beat
Yet your beats go missing looking for Love
Love is you ..you are love
Yet why oh why ! do you to try to find
Love outside of you

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Love is a riddle
Love is a riddle


Drifting to divinity

Drifting to divinity

Drifting along
with the rolling tides
surfing the waves
gathering bliss vibes

slipping into the world
of nothingness
surrounded by waters
deep n’ far spread

peace comes
and lies by the side
drowns all ugly noise
coming from far and wide

its only the sweet melody
of sloshing waves internally
soul whispering sheer bliss
In the eager ear cavity

yes , Its the sheer bliss
of nothingness
floating freely
into a divine abyss

nothing matters here
as thoughts of pleasure
move rhythmically through
consciousness !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Drifting to divinity
Drifting to divinity


Sky sea romance

Sky sea romance

Oh! My love we are so far and yet so near
said the glorious sky to the glassy sea
I see my shimmering reflection in you
as the sun rays kiss you passionately

Since eons we’ve been playing together
without a break in every single weather
when I am serene , sober n’ steady
you seem so cutely calm n’ ready

But when I rage, thunder rumble n’ roar
you become rough n’ bumpy to the core
your high and low ebbs n’ tides
are ruled by the sun n’ moon vibes

When i dress up in twinkling stars
you woo me with your silent heart
and when the silvery full moon arrives
you jump n leap with joy to come alive

I can’t wait to hug you at each horizon
as I see lovers stroll along hand in hand
absorbed in our beautiful blissful union
as hearts play a sensuous seductive band

Oh! My love our romance is truly eternal
as every day n’ night unites us n’ separates
at the break of misty dawn I eagerly await
your tender loving touch n’ warm embrace

Glory be to the unseen benevolent almighty
for bestowing his umpteen holy blessings
for without his mysterious mystic presence
our very existence would be a question !


All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Sky sea romance
Sky sea romance



Counting the stars

On dark and cloudy nights
I miss counting the twinkling lights
for soaking up the stars
into my very being
and gazing at their beauty
is more than a joyful dream

This kaleidoscope in the sky
is what gives me great joy
past and present shines bright
as I look at the shimmering lights
counting the little sparkles
in the surrounding darkness

Hanging up so high
they fill the huge sky
from horizon to horizon
they keep beaming their light
like steadfast little lamps
showing the way to heaven

watching the world below
with their eyelids wide apart
they guide the moving waters
to reach safe shores
and the many wandering souls
to steer their way home

In them live our cherished lost souls
smiling n’ shining bright up so high
sending messages of love
as our hearts sigh and cry
telling us they are safe up there
and we have nothing to fear

Some of my best thinking
has been done looking at stars
It’s a meditation too, peaceful
watching their radiance from afar
I get lost in their glow n’ glitter
and know not what they are

Then I look within and listen
the same light shines in my being
the light from the eternal spark
that gives the sun the moon
and the stars in the dark
luster to reflect and glisten !


All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi



The wrong road ….

Towards the Light

I was enjoying walking
along the sea shore
digging my bare feet
in the moist sand below

Hey! you are on the wrong road
came a voice from afar
just come over here
on this concrete footpath

But ! I said ..life is so sweet
on this soft damp sandy beach
the hard heated cement
just burns my bare feet

Unmindful I stumbled
on a big pebble on the sand
fell forwards on my knees
with my outstretched hands

The soft wet sand protected
me from being hurt n bruised
had I fallen on the hard road
i would have bled n oozed

When we love the softness around
our hearts expand n mellow down
absorbing gentle vibes abound
Smilies take over many a frown

Virgin nature’s path is all I seek
it keeps me grounded to reality of life
this man made road makes me weak
its full of ego greed and pride
No matter how long you’ve been
walking on the wrong descend
it’s never too late to take a u turn
wake up and cross over at the bend

When we ignore the outside noise
our soul walks listening intently
to its powerful soft inner voice
on the right road of love n light !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Happy princess... a dream
Happy princess… a dream


Blessings in disguise…

Happy princess a dream

I’ve been mad , bad n’ glad
…………at times I’ve been sad
………………..I’ve been the storm
………………………..I’ve been the lull
……………………………I’ve even lived life
………………………………in between the two as well

I’ve laughed n’ I’ve cried
……..at times I’ve even tried
………..very hard to stop my frown
……………n’ give a charming smile
………………….n’ forget that I am down
……………………….for the power of a smile
…………………………..can change many a lifestyle

Dizzy with success
………I’ve shouted aloud
…………..n’ when failure struck
………………I fell face down from d’ cloud
………………………….in my own created muck
……………………………………that’s when I paused
…………………………………………to rejuvenate and refresh

Life was taking an acid test
…..i picked up confidence and courage
…………………………from the garbage around
………………………………….and geared myself up
……………………………………for another hopeful round
……………………………………………to challenge my ground

People came and left
….I was loved n’ cherished
………i was bereaved n’ aggrieved
………………..nothing here seemed mine
…………………………….neither tears nor wine
………………………………only memories to cry n sigh
…………………………………..some escalating me to a high

It’s then that I realized
…….Shades of life are diverse
…………..like the myriad varied colors
………………of the beautiful vast universe
…………………..making the picture near perfect
……………………….with blessings hidden in disguise
………………………………only when we awaken n’ connect
………………………………………can we understand their price

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Happy princess a dream
Happy princess a dream

Realign and shine

Realign and shine

Wake up oh ! Sleepy traveller
……wake up from your world of dreams
……………don’t lose your amazing true calibre
…………………..in materialistic desires of extremes!

Break away from the imaginary ties
……of attachments n’ sense anxieties
………….these temporary pleasures of life
………………………..are forerunners of life agonies !

Why trade your peace n’ bliss
……..for a few moments of happiness ?
………………….just feel the pain in your heart
………………………….and explore the sacred path !

You keep on weaving thoughts
……..your mind loves ego n’ pride knots
……………forget this song of ….I, mine n’ me
………………..release your imprisoned soul n’ fly free !

Stop being the doer, you’re a knower
…………..of what you witness around here
……………………Oh soul! awake to the dance of truth
…………………………disengage from the myth n’ be in bliss !

In this journey difficult n’ unknown
………..your light is in you ,you’re not alone
……………………..your inner voice is your beacon
…………………………….listen n’ breathe peace n’ freedom !

Stop gazing outside at the glaring lights
………….they distract you from the truth in sight
…………………..from inside you comes the divine shine
…………………………..look far far beyond, behold n’ realign !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Realign and shine
Realign and shine

My Sunshine everywhere

My sunshine

Sitting outside on a cloudy day
Looking at the hiding sun rays
Missing its glorious bright sight
I spoke to the peeping sun light

The days we laughed and played
It was such fun each day was done
Energy flowed n gave me strength
Your warm caress I felt at each bend

I wish the dark clouds would sail away
So that I could feel your love and play
dance n sing together hand in hand
Sinking my bare feet in the gritty sand

Hide n seek is not my game
It makes me unhappy and insane
Pray you emerge fast from your shrine
And light up my world with your shine

Your beautiful silver lining around I see
Gives me hope you will come to me
You are my sunshine my life my world
Their is no one here your worth !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi – Pic clicked by me at Chidiya Tapu Andaman

My sunshine
My sunshine

Be a warrior …..

Be a warrior

Awful enemies we have so many
Funny ! that they reside in you n’ me
Though they aren’t worth a single penny
But like hell they keep on defeating you n’ me

How much ever we kick out anger n’ wrath
They come back again with a fresh dart
Configured cunningly to impede our path
Robbing peace and joy from our loving heart

Hate is what we hate to live with
But then at times hate never listens
Challenges brutally our loving etiquette
Filling our insides with poisonous spate

When ugly pride comes thumping in
What follows is our plunge into a dirty bin
Pride costs us almost everything
But when it’s beaten we are nothing


Greed grips us tightly left and right
It does not rest until it feels satisfied
and raises its evil head again n’ again
For greed you know is never quenched

Get out get out ….we cry writhing in pain
The stress you all create makes us insane
You attack our wandering mind and soul
How do we get back our peace , you stole

It’s finally becomes evident that all we need
is an awakened soul n’ a mind which pays heed
So be a warrior in your mind garden invaded by foes
and kill the opponents with soul power that glows

Allow love , patience , humility n’ content to reside
and never permit these terrorists to rule your inside
Praying for Gods grace to see us through this war
To be victorious over our mind , let peace not be far !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

What to be and what not to be …

To be or not to be

What to be and what not to be
is a question which often perturbs me
at times i feel I may not have acted true
that’s when I start looking at myself anew

Be loving to all n’ connect they suggest
be aware to join the positive minds nest
but when negative thinkers hover around
be eagle eyed n’ flit away before they pound

Mould like potters clay they said
but don’t mess with virtues already in your head
Never mould in demonic vices around
for than in no time you come crumbling down

Be like flowing water you are told
take the shape of the vessel hold
A shrewd shapes himself always this way
but a wise knows that to be still at times pays


Keep an open mind n’ listen to others views
but that doesn’t mean you agree to their clues
let what they have to say be your learning cues
for it adds to improve your many myriad hues

Be confident,its an amazing trait to succeed
But remember if you go one shade ahead
you find arrogance raising its ugly sinister head
to stay away from arrogance,add humility to confidence

Be forgiving ,empathetic ,compassionate n’ kind
Never pity ,it makes them feel useless n’ resigned
We are not on this earth to see through one another,
but we are here to see one another through

Understanding what to be and what not to be
helps us to be Human Be-ing n’ not Human Do-ing
It makes us aware of living with peace ,harmony n humanity
and paves our path ahead to walk towards spirituality !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

To be or not to be
What to be and what not to be …

Breaking silence …

Breaking silence ...

At times when I want to share my thoughts
my lips seem stitched n’ silence creates knots
Silence becomes d’ loudest things of all
it drowns all I want to share n’ recall !

Nothing emerges as thoughts painfully hide
silence oppresses all that keeps pounding inside
apprehensive n’ nervous quietness overtakes
waves come and go but none touch the shore !

Who will understand what i am yearning to say
as silence speaks an alien language each day
trapped thoughts inside will one day break free
as d’ burden of silence will be too much for me !

When neither words nor tears leave my body n’ soul
I look up n’ see a beautiful rainbow becoming whole
smile ,laugh n’ be happy it whispers in tranquility
let kind words be spoken ,silence can’t reign eternally !

Silence is golden but when thoughts fill your mind
Unburden let go what made you dumb , n’ speak kind
For words you utter once you cannot retrieve back
speak such words for which you never have regrets!

Speak in a way in which you would like to be spoken to
For a bad wound heals but a bad word doesn’t do
Know d’ power of words and d’ power of silence
Life becomes peaceful when you balance the two !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Breaking silence ...
Breaking silence …

When love hurts ….

A fooling love

She’s broken her heart once again
This foolish love makes her cry in pain
She wanders into d’ dark rainy night
Searching for love to show its light

When love gives pain again n’ again
she longs to be hugged by d’ rain
wishing rain drops will hide her tears
and cool her till the pain disappears

Why does love hurt again and again ?
Where does she go wrong n’ create pain ?
Why do dark clouds obstruct d’ sunlight ?
can she disperse d’ darkness from sight ?

Life without love makes her insane
She keeps on fighting with her pain
Love n’ pain are two sides of life
But without love can she survive ?

You say love gives joy n’ happiness
but she knows love can cause distress
Is there any gain in nursing this pain?
For love makes her both sane and insane

She learns to bear her pain with a smile
pretends things are ok ..fine ..for a while
wipes tears smudging her kohl filled eyes
Marks time to heal her heart’s anguished cries

She prays for a mind which never minds
A strong love filled heart which never hurts
a relationship which only gives ,never expects
life would then be nothing but happiness

Where is such unconditional love found ?
The divinity of love is in Gods love abound
Only when we ourselves become only love
Pain and hurt will die n’ love will rule high above !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

A fooling love
When love hurts

Family first ….

Family First

Destined together from heaven above
Bonded by blood , compassion n’ love
This powerful bond sticks them together
Be it a sunny, rainy or a stormy weather

To care n’ share in sorrow n’ happiness
Wiping each other’s tears in pain n’ distress
Living with acceptance n’ understanding
Learning to be tolerant n’ never demanding

Love flows gently in each word n’ action
Responding with love n’ never a reaction
Your pain is my pain , I’ll be by your side
Will give you all that I can till it subsides

Forgive and forget and live with patience
Bask in the joy of its sweet fragrance
Make each other’s dreams our dreams
Work together to fulfill them as a team

Respect n’trust each other always
Appreciate n’ be honest in your ways
Never ever take each other granted in life
Love n’hug each other everyday to survive

Wealth is neither yours nor is it mine
It’s ours to be used without a whine
A promise to each other we must keep
Be there for each other in moments of need

A blue print of love came from heaven above
Man called it ..family …an epitome of love
Let all humans understand this ..it’s a must
Charity begins at home and it’s family first !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Family First
Family First

Soul power …..

Soul power ...

Your life giving breath will cease one day for sure
so don’t you while away your precious time here
go embrace your soul n’ listen to its sweet voice
forget the razzmatazz of this world n’ its loud noise

You are not the charming body you think you are
hence fulfilling its desires will take you away far
Far away from the beautiful Godly soul residing within
and life will then be full of worries sufferings n’ sin

With soul power you live only with love not hate
It purifies your thoughts n ‘ keeps your mind awake
You learn to forgive n’ forget what created hurt
your heart oozes love even when bled and cut

it saves you from experiencing anger n’ distress
life fills up with peace content bliss n’ happiness
you learn to see yourself in others with no divide
for its your soul wisdom that acts as your guide

When you live as a soul truth becomes your goal
no lies prick your consciousness to make a hole
for a hole can destroy the very ethics of the soul
and when that happens mind goes out of control

Live as a beautiful soul forget your name n’ fame
Love laugh pray play be kind in this life game
give all that you can n’ spread smiles as you go
life is short don’t waste this precious breath anymore !

You are here to liberate your soul sublime
from the endless cycle of birth n’ death grime
expand your consciousness by soul awareness
Surrender to soul power and let God do the rest !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Soul power ...
Soul power …

Tryst with time ……

Tryst with time ......

Scenes keep on changing dramatically as time flows
glistening dewdrops change in winter to icy snow
in summer they disappear like magic into thin air
till they can’t be felt or seen any where !

Green leaves happily sway with their pretty peers
never dream of separation from their near and dear
but lo ! one day they change color n’ get detached
fly n’ mingle freely with d’ nurturing muddy patch

People come in our life’s n’ stay for time meant to be
change n’ leave a painful vacuum suddenly
life is too short to waste in sorrow grief and wrath
accept every weather that crosses your path

Today you smile with happy mind thoughts
tomorrow you may cry entangled in unhappy knots
Every day is as good or bad as you perceive
change your perception keep an optimistic belief

Change is the rule of nature as we behold
so never ever lament for what you can’t hold
have courage let go what’s not meant for you
with faith hope and trust embrace the new

It’s your mind thoughts that create the sad knots
so choose to think positive even during drought
some days are sunny some dark like a new moon night
life unfolds beautifully when you flash your soul light

Don’t ever lose your way in the crazy maze of life
live with equanimity life will be a pleasant drive
enjoy the journey with its unescaping ups and downs
seasons will come and go for that’s our tryst with time ….

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Tryst with time ......
Tryst with time ……

Only if ……

Only if ......

Only if I can lose myself to find myself in you
to start a new beginning honest and true
for every end has a new beginning I am told
Looking around I learn from unseen and untold
Oh ! how painful are ways of losing yourself first
and then to feel intoxicated in bliss and divine thirst

A heavenly image draped in pretty golden hues
Fragrant beautiful flower garlands adorn you
flowers bore with courage a lot of pain and distress
plucked n’ pierced by sharp needles and thread
but now they smile happily feeling blessed
to be wound around your gracious divine neck !

The holy prasad presented at your glorious feet
has a story to tell of its noble win not defeat
It was first stripped as milk from a cow udder
then heated and boiled with spices n’ sugar
losing painfully its original color n’ form
it now feels honored at this sacred transform

The glow of the lamp which burns bright here
is possible because of the ghee in it so pure
which came into being after milk was churned
separated ,heated ,purified and burnt
undergoing all this gave tremendous pain
only on losing oneself it’s possible to gain

The flute on Krishna’s lips has a story to tell
it was an ugly bamboo in the unruly jungle belt
going through the unbearable pain of being
broken chiseled scraped hollowed n’ holed
to play sweet music and dance with the soul
Radha felt so jealous that his flute she stole

So lose yourself first to find your true inner rhythm
sit in silence n’ listen to what comes from within
let go all materialism n’ put on the mantle of love
when you wear only love nothing can rule above
Be awake oh soul ! let not the world make a hole
Shine bright and feel the oneness of being whole !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Only if ......
Only if ……

The Autumn leaf

The autumn leaf

This autumn my mind travelled far far away
as a leaf came flying into my lap that sunny day
it wasn’t as green as those I could see
but a pretty red with streaks of orange melody

The trembling little wispy leaf kept sitting there
till the wind picked it up to lash it elsewhere
my heart just leaped and almost cried in pain
to see the leaf helplessly caught in the windy rain

A while ago it was bonded with its green peers
smiling and waving in the wind with cheers
never ever did it dream of being detached
lying crumpled and wet on a muddy brown patch

Oh I cried ! don’t trample it any more
when the little boy jumped on it encore
it lay shapeless and lifeless on the muddy path
fast becoming a part of Mother Earth at last !

Not a whisper not a sound did it ever make
except for a soft rustle a quiver and a quake
nestled in the lap of Mother Earth it smiled
thats life it seemed to say take it in this stride .

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

The autumn leaf
The autumn leaf


It’s the little things that matter the most !

It's the little things that matter the most

As i walk barefoot on the sea shore
I realize why little things matter more
On gathering tiny tiny pebbles buried
in the sand why does happiness soar?

I hear the ocean whisper in love
to the myriad dancing waves above
A new endearing relationship starts
as they unite their pure beautiful hearts

I feel the gentle cool breeze ooze calm
erasing all negatives with a positive charm
nurturing the beauty of the soul within
Happiness and joy stealthily flows in

I see the Palm tress nod sing and prance
Whispering sweetly “take a chance ”
It’s the small things that matter they say
let go the heavy mind clutter and sway

I sense gritty sand cling to my feet
Says don’t shake me away I am here to greet
How ever tiny i may be in this vast space
There is a lot of strength hidden in my grace

Oh no !
I believe I nearly stepped on a slimy snail
Don’t hurry and scurry Is what I heard it say
It’s these small things that matter in life
Being slow and steady is the mantra to rise

I beam a hello to a stranger and make him smile
It’s these little things that matter all the while
engrossed in a book perched on a sand dune
Looking up he says “cheers “in a sweet tune !

I see the twilight turn into a beautiful starry night
darkness around make the stars shine bright
these small things have lessons hidden in them
It’s these small lessons which make us humane

Yes oh Yes !
it’s these simple little things that matter most
Spread love and forgive all with equipoise
See God in all his creations big and small
Listen and learn to be happy from them all

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi


It's the little things that matter the most
It’s the little things that matter the most


Gods Messages for us

Gods messages for all

While walking along a short cut to reach my friends house I crossed an unused rail track which was littered with garbage and muck all around . I felt irritated.

As I passed over the railroad crossing . I noticed that small shrubs ,trees and beautiful yellow and red wildflowers were emerging from every nooks and corners of the exposed earth around the tracks .It struck me that through all of the garbage, God’s creation was pushing its way toward the sunshine.

All around was the ugliness of shanty houses ,rusting metal, and garbage.Yet in the midst of man’s depravity, God’s restoration process was taking place — almost without notice. Left to itself this area would eventually be overgrown with plant life. In time the metal would rust away, and all that would be left would be a beautiful forest surrounding the slum houses.But will this happen in today’s world with greed to grab the golden earth and destroy nature .

On reaching my friends place , right outside the door of my friends house a little off to the left i spotted a pothole We usually don’t notice potholes until they are large enough to cause problems. Normally I don’t either, but this one was in a precarious place right near the main entrance of the house and could not be missed . The water was a run off from an air conditioner.

Suddenly a pigeon flew from no where and perched itself at the edge of the pothole and started drinking the water from the pothole ,in the next moment two more joined and were continuously quenching their thirst.

In my younger days I despised pigeons as they spoiled car screens ,and once my hair and clothes with their droppings .they even flew in flocks into the ventilators of my house dropped dirt and made continuous sounds which at times unnerved me . To me they still reminded me of being dirty pigeons the unwelcome guests .

Suddenly, from within my heart came a conviction. I heard the voice of GOD gently whisper,

“THIS IS My CREATION and listen I even make sure that they are taken care off ”

I knew GOD wanted to show me something in all this. Isn’t it funny how God can set up a scene in the strangest of places to reveal something about HIMSELF . He is always sending messages to us in our daily routine life ….We have to be in an awakened state to be able to understand them .

© Pushpa Chaturvedi

Gods messages for all
Never Give Up