Drifting to divinity

Drifting to divinity

Drifting along
with the rolling tides
surfing the waves
gathering bliss vibes

slipping into the world
of nothingness
surrounded by waters
deep n’ far spread

peace comes
and lies by the side
drowns all ugly noise
coming from far and wide

its only the sweet melody
of sloshing waves internally
soul whispering sheer bliss
In the eager ear cavity

yes , Its the sheer bliss
of nothingness
floating freely
into a divine abyss

nothing matters here
as thoughts of pleasure
move rhythmically through
consciousness !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Drifting to divinity
Drifting to divinity



Counting the stars

On dark and cloudy nights
I miss counting the twinkling lights
for soaking up the stars
into my very being
and gazing at their beauty
is more than a joyful dream

This kaleidoscope in the sky
is what gives me great joy
past and present shines bright
as I look at the shimmering lights
counting the little sparkles
in the surrounding darkness

Hanging up so high
they fill the huge sky
from horizon to horizon
they keep beaming their light
like steadfast little lamps
showing the way to heaven

watching the world below
with their eyelids wide apart
they guide the moving waters
to reach safe shores
and the many wandering souls
to steer their way home

In them live our cherished lost souls
smiling n’ shining bright up so high
sending messages of love
as our hearts sigh and cry
telling us they are safe up there
and we have nothing to fear

Some of my best thinking
has been done looking at stars
It’s a meditation too, peaceful
watching their radiance from afar
I get lost in their glow n’ glitter
and know not what they are

Then I look within and listen
the same light shines in my being
the light from the eternal spark
that gives the sun the moon
and the stars in the dark
luster to reflect and glisten !


All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi



Realign and shine

Realign and shine

Wake up oh ! Sleepy traveller
……wake up from your world of dreams
……………don’t lose your amazing true calibre
…………………..in materialistic desires of extremes!

Break away from the imaginary ties
……of attachments n’ sense anxieties
………….these temporary pleasures of life
………………………..are forerunners of life agonies !

Why trade your peace n’ bliss
……..for a few moments of happiness ?
………………….just feel the pain in your heart
………………………….and explore the sacred path !

You keep on weaving thoughts
……..your mind loves ego n’ pride knots
……………forget this song of ….I, mine n’ me
………………..release your imprisoned soul n’ fly free !

Stop being the doer, you’re a knower
…………..of what you witness around here
……………………Oh soul! awake to the dance of truth
…………………………disengage from the myth n’ be in bliss !

In this journey difficult n’ unknown
………..your light is in you ,you’re not alone
……………………..your inner voice is your beacon
…………………………….listen n’ breathe peace n’ freedom !

Stop gazing outside at the glaring lights
………….they distract you from the truth in sight
…………………..from inside you comes the divine shine
…………………………..look far far beyond, behold n’ realign !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Realign and shine
Realign and shine

Each way & form

Way and form

each way & form
i have gone through eternity,
living through every life and form.
i have vibrated along time,
rhyming with every dust and storm.
In myself,
i am the pulse & impulse,
the soul and substance,
of each & every life & form.
in myself,
i am each & every breath,
each & every way & form…
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Be a warrior …..

Be a warrior

Awful enemies we have so many
Funny ! that they reside in you n’ me
Though they aren’t worth a single penny
But like hell they keep on defeating you n’ me

How much ever we kick out anger n’ wrath
They come back again with a fresh dart
Configured cunningly to impede our path
Robbing peace and joy from our loving heart

Hate is what we hate to live with
But then at times hate never listens
Challenges brutally our loving etiquette
Filling our insides with poisonous spate

When ugly pride comes thumping in
What follows is our plunge into a dirty bin
Pride costs us almost everything
But when it’s beaten we are nothing


Greed grips us tightly left and right
It does not rest until it feels satisfied
and raises its evil head again n’ again
For greed you know is never quenched

Get out get out ….we cry writhing in pain
The stress you all create makes us insane
You attack our wandering mind and soul
How do we get back our peace , you stole

It’s finally becomes evident that all we need
is an awakened soul n’ a mind which pays heed
So be a warrior in your mind garden invaded by foes
and kill the opponents with soul power that glows

Allow love , patience , humility n’ content to reside
and never permit these terrorists to rule your inside
Praying for Gods grace to see us through this war
To be victorious over our mind , let peace not be far !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

What to be and what not to be …

To be or not to be

What to be and what not to be
is a question which often perturbs me
at times i feel I may not have acted true
that’s when I start looking at myself anew

Be loving to all n’ connect they suggest
be aware to join the positive minds nest
but when negative thinkers hover around
be eagle eyed n’ flit away before they pound

Mould like potters clay they said
but don’t mess with virtues already in your head
Never mould in demonic vices around
for than in no time you come crumbling down

Be like flowing water you are told
take the shape of the vessel hold
A shrewd shapes himself always this way
but a wise knows that to be still at times pays


Keep an open mind n’ listen to others views
but that doesn’t mean you agree to their clues
let what they have to say be your learning cues
for it adds to improve your many myriad hues

Be confident,its an amazing trait to succeed
But remember if you go one shade ahead
you find arrogance raising its ugly sinister head
to stay away from arrogance,add humility to confidence

Be forgiving ,empathetic ,compassionate n’ kind
Never pity ,it makes them feel useless n’ resigned
We are not on this earth to see through one another,
but we are here to see one another through

Understanding what to be and what not to be
helps us to be Human Be-ing n’ not Human Do-ing
It makes us aware of living with peace ,harmony n humanity
and paves our path ahead to walk towards spirituality !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

To be or not to be
What to be and what not to be …

Soul power …..

Soul power ...

Your life giving breath will cease one day for sure
so don’t you while away your precious time here
go embrace your soul n’ listen to its sweet voice
forget the razzmatazz of this world n’ its loud noise

You are not the charming body you think you are
hence fulfilling its desires will take you away far
Far away from the beautiful Godly soul residing within
and life will then be full of worries sufferings n’ sin

With soul power you live only with love not hate
It purifies your thoughts n ‘ keeps your mind awake
You learn to forgive n’ forget what created hurt
your heart oozes love even when bled and cut

it saves you from experiencing anger n’ distress
life fills up with peace content bliss n’ happiness
you learn to see yourself in others with no divide
for its your soul wisdom that acts as your guide

When you live as a soul truth becomes your goal
no lies prick your consciousness to make a hole
for a hole can destroy the very ethics of the soul
and when that happens mind goes out of control

Live as a beautiful soul forget your name n’ fame
Love laugh pray play be kind in this life game
give all that you can n’ spread smiles as you go
life is short don’t waste this precious breath anymore !

You are here to liberate your soul sublime
from the endless cycle of birth n’ death grime
expand your consciousness by soul awareness
Surrender to soul power and let God do the rest !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Soul power ...
Soul power …