The old persons living in the company of pre-teen children live a very long and healthy life, both physically and mentally . Most of the physical and mental ailments of the old age result from the sense of being isolated, discarded and neglected. This problem is assuming alarming proportions in today’s disintegrated families. This sense … Read more

Spirituality made easy – the purpose of life

SPIRITUALITY MADE EASY: ( The Purpose of Life): The purpose of life first of all is to evolve from an animal being to spiritually evolved human being. After that nothing needs to be done, every thing begins to happen of its own. What happens when spiritually evolved is more to be experienced than to be … Read more

Each way & form

Way and form

each way & form * i have gone through eternity, living through every life and form. i have vibrated along time, rhyming with every dust and storm. In myself, i am the pulse & impulse, the soul and substance, of each & every life & form. in myself, i am each & every breath, each … Read more

The science of life

Science of Life

Good Morning Friend; Namaste.. _/\_ A Spritual seeker, in fact, is a scientist / research scholar of Metaphysics …, or we can say “The Science of Life”. Keeping the above idea in mind…. I would request you to go through the post which is published as my article number 2. Best wishes_/ sd// _______ Stone … Read more

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