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“Hi Sam’ please tell me more about fleeky one…I live in beautiful Camps Bay, I have worked and lived in Cape Town for many years…at present I have started a company and hope it will become a great success. I live with a beautiful cat and a young, talented flat mate, there is never a dull moment…  ”



“Gudrun, awesome you… Thank you for joining the’s…. The stage is yours. And we are all curious to read more. I know you are in estate. Kindly post from time to time those opportunities, for all to see. – Sam’ ”

Good luck, from all of us!


The best period of life

period of life

Old age is the best period of life . The comfport level, physical as well as mental, relationships , equanimity, everything else, surpass the earlier experiences, and I often sing in my mind Browning’s lines:

Grow old along with me!
The best is yet to be,
The last of life, for which the first was made:
Our times are in His hand,
Who saith “A whole I planned,
Youth shows but half, trust God: see all, nor be afraid!”
(Rabbi Ben Ezra by Robert Browning)

This is my perception at 72, what it will be tomorrow I don’t care though I am well equipped and prepared to take everything head on .


The old persons living in the company of pre-teen children live a very long and healthy life, both physically and mentally . Most of the physical and mental ailments of the old age result from the sense of being isolated, discarded and neglected. This problem is assuming alarming proportions in today’s disintegrated families. This sense does not crop up in the company of innocent and less knowledgable children, who themselves find the best companions in old persons for their prattle. Baby talk is the best tonic in old age. This mutually satisfying and beneficial company fills the empty slots in the life of children also, particularly where both the parents are working and are not in a position to give enough time to their children.
The old persons, particularly retired pensioners, who have no financial worries fare the worst in old age, more so if they don’t have anything to keep themselves occupied. Their urge to prattle becomes all time high and they find no takers for their so-called valuable words of experience and wisdom, which are spurned by the next generation as rumblings of an insane or mentally deranged person. They try to pour out all their knowledge of lifetime on the head of the first victim who becomes handy and that is why most of the old idlers and prattlers are avoided and bypassed resulting in extreme physical and mental pain to them.

What to do?

“It’s impossible,” said Pride.
“It’s risky,” said Experience.
“It’s pointless,” said Reason.
“Give it a try” whispered the Heart

Spirituality made easy – the purpose of life

SPIRITUALITY MADE EASY: ( The Purpose of Life):
The purpose of life first of all is to evolve from an animal being to spiritually evolved human being. After that nothing needs to be done, every thing begins to happen of its own. What happens when spiritually evolved is more to be experienced than to be explained or described. Your vision becomes very clear and with focus and attention you can become Trilok and Trilkal Darshi transcending the boundaries of space and time. You rise above bodily suffering and mental agonies,everything that is painful in human life. A lot more…………
You attain the final stage of bliss EQUANIMITY , far above happiness and pleasure.
You don’t give up any thing in life. You begin to live life more intensely, without any fear or worry.

Each way & form

Way and form

each way & form
i have gone through eternity,
living through every life and form.
i have vibrated along time,
rhyming with every dust and storm.
In myself,
i am the pulse & impulse,
the soul and substance,
of each & every life & form.
in myself,
i am each & every breath,
each & every way & form…
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Human life and being human

Soul is our destiny

I wonder why we have so many discussions on the purpose of life and who am I ?

Our soul has taken a body of a human being in this birth. We are duty bound to take care of this soul in this form.

Then shouldn’t our first query be , am I doing  justice to this life or not ? Have I really been a human being? Let’s be honest with ourself.

Have I been a good father, son, mother, wife, daughter , husband , friend etc….meaning ,  have I honestly live up to all the relationships I have had in this birth?
Have I been a good citizen, a good neighbour or a compassionate human being towards others?

In this human form we are bestowed with senses, desires, emotions and intellect which come as a package deal with this birth. We have to learn to rule over our senses and emotions and not let our life be ruled by them. When our desires and emotions rule over us, then we are gripped with negatives like , greed, anger and hatred. Then we stop being human.

Life teaches us that karma is in our control  but its results are not in our control. Gita also says so.

I feel we should just go with the flow of life first doing justice to this life before we think anything beyond this life.

I offer all my acts to the Lord in devotion . May He guide and be with me always in all my actions

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The science of life

Science of Life

Good Morning Friend;
Namaste.. _/\_

A Spritual seeker,
in fact, is a scientist / research scholar of Metaphysics …,
or we can say “The Science of Life”.

Keeping the above idea in mind….
I would request you to go through the post
which is published as my article number 2.
Best wishes_/

Stone is not a good conductor of ‘Awareness’, and therefore , it is not Aware of its external world of things and beings, circumstances and happenings.

The Plant however, although responds to the different seasons, but is not Aware of its inner world of ‘thoughts’ and ‘ideas’.

Animals are seen to be not only aware of the external world of things and beings, circumstances and happenings, but also seen to be Aware of their mental state, but surely not Aware of their Intellectual state to judge and distinguish the real from the unreal; in short, unaware of ‘rational thinking’.

Man, and Man alone is the animal that is, to a comparatively greater degree , at once Aware of the world out side, and the world within, that is, both the Mental, and the state, still deeper within; the Intellectual states of Awareness.

Spiritual SEEKER (A Scientist of LIFE) is the one, whose attempt is to develop this Awareness to such an extent that one becomes AWARE of not only the outer and the inner world, but also of the Inner Most… the SPIRIT.


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