Soul power …..

Your life giving breath will cease one day for sure
so don’t you while away your precious time here
go embrace your soul n’ listen to its sweet voice
forget the razzmatazz of this world n’ its loud noise

You are not the charming body you think you are
hence fulfilling its desires will take you away far
Far away from the beautiful Godly soul residing within
and life will then be full of worries sufferings n’ sin

With soul power you live only with love not hate
It purifies your thoughts n ‘ keeps your mind awake
You learn to forgive n’ forget what created hurt
your heart oozes love even when bled and cut

it saves you from experiencing anger n’ distress
life fills up with peace content bliss n’ happiness
you learn to see yourself in others with no divide
for its your soul wisdom that acts as your guide

When you live as a soul truth becomes your goal
no lies prick your consciousness to make a hole
for a hole can destroy the very ethics of the soul
and when that happens mind goes out of control

Live as a beautiful soul forget your name n’ fame
Love laugh pray play be kind in this life game
give all that you can n’ spread smiles as you go
life is short don’t waste this precious breath anymore !

You are here to liberate your soul sublime
from the endless cycle of birth n’ death grime
expand your consciousness by soul awareness
Surrender to soul power and let God do the rest !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Soul power ...
Soul power …

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