Oh! waiting
for her in that
solitary dark rest room
on the side of the mountain……


have you ever discovered
dear friend……
that subtle loveliness
that unfolding sweetness
the pulsating heart
and the bubbling
in waiting !!


the traveler
knows the
of that waiting……

the resounding
in that breathing…….

the amazing
in awaiting Her
in that abandoned rest room
by the side of the mountain…….






in the womb
of your eyes…..

how the
color expands in
the vision
what really
matters dear friend !

rises and
subsides in
the ocean of heart

how the waves
turn sacred
and expresses
as a sight that
really matter dear friend !!



chanting my master’s name
walk the path of love….

beautiful sky…..
beautiful breeze….
beautiful earth…….
and radiant fire of love ahead…….

falling, rising and again falling….
learning to be steadfast….
walk the path of love…

Oh Master…wherever you are …..
you are by my side… above me and at my back
leading me blissfully….
with silent whisper….
and profound compassion…..


sitting standing….

awaiting freedom…..

and freedom…………..

Wave of the ocean

a nice rhyming
a nice way to invoke
to attract waves of the ocean
to rise high
and subside in their
own rising….

sometimes i wonder
seeing my distractions
and question in astonishment
why such distraction happen dear
why am i not completely blended
in your breath
in your sheath…
in your nature
fully in your picture…

why am i so distracted
oh my lord
being with you
within and
in the universe
why am i put
into these tests
again and again….

neither is i Karna
nor Arjuna….
Neither Ravana
nor the huge muscle man

why i rise and fall
again rising in agony
my confidence freezing
in these repetitive play
of win and loss

…………. then a
whispering sound
arrived from the dense mist
while i was perpetrating
lying on the floor in the
expanded jungle…..

“just stay witness
without a judgment
and enjoy the bliss of your
own existence………”

folding both my palm
i closed my eyes…..
in gratitude…… when the
guilty sense i me melted
like a lighted candle….
making me visible the
interior of my heart……………………

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Letter to my daughter

Letter to my daughter

Dear Daughter,

Authenticity blends the inner and the outer with strength and with highest beauty. It really does not matter, how one looks at you, with which impression.

If you can authenticate your actions, your inner power shall protect you.

How much you have served your family, need not be certified by others.

I do not think your husband has any such opinions. He was a wonderful son for a mother. He lives his life with his own understanding of it. He is intelligent and believes things in a different way.  But he too understands how you have supported him. His manners and expressions are not as per your expectations. And you have accepted them as they are. Do not limit your strength of accommodating. You are a huge power house of tolerance and simple purity. Purity always leaves a mark even on a mountain heart.

We all live our lives as we have learnt relationship, respect and love. Life is a divine gift. We have to manage it with the support of our own divinity.

High values offer broad vision.

Broad vision gives rise to burning desire.

Burning desire leads to focused intent.

Focused intent stimulates committed action.

One thing we learnt from the path… to be honest and offer love and respect.

In course of doing that we must practice restraint. Wherever one does not need your offering, stop offering.

Many rarely understand beauty of support & love.

There is nothing to be worried too. We need not bother.

People who do not contribute much become showier.



Never bother other’s comments.

You are sufficiently awakened to live your life with dignity. Empower yourself with your status and offering. Say politely anything you do not agree. Do not argue with superiors and also with your husband. Keep silence.

Our Master walks every step you walk. And I am with my darling daughter every moment.

Talk with me when you feel alone. Lord shall make everything alright.




gift of love
gift of love


A moment
Yes only a moment…
An exclusive moment
An absorbing moment
A special moment


A prayer is offered
A prayer is granted


On the lonely sea shore
When the serenity
envelops the full being

The active breeze whispers
Why are you here dear!

The heart responds
“HE always attracts”

“HE always attracts”
Through smiles
Leading one to
an unbreakable bondage
Through tears
Leading one to
an unimaginable bliss
“HE always attracts”

“HE always attracts…”
As magnets attract metal
As rain and sun rays
attract rainbow
As lightening in a dry
sky filled with clouds
Attract hailstones……..

“HE always attracts”
HE the most compassionate one
HE the most benevolent one
HE the most lovable one
Grants prayers sang from
deep within
Opens the locked gates
of experiences
To flood in and fill the dry land
of one’s heart
Whatever one receives from HIM
Remains invisible but fulfilling
Appears soundless filling the being
with soothing music of
Love and astounding happiness

When someone says
‘Your prayers are so powerful’
You listen
‘prayers alone attract HIS compassion’

HE always attracts…….

As the moon attracts t
he waves of the Ocean
As the smell of springs
attract cuckoo
As the silence of the mind
attracts meditation

HE always attracts

As the rising sun attracts after a night’s rest
As sleep attracts after a hectic activity day
As breath attracts the energy to refresh the tired body

“HE always attracts”

The conversation of the breeze and the being
Continues in silence……

The breeze says…
‘Well! HE attracts here, there and everywhere
But what for you are here…?’

Heart pauses and replies amazedly
Like a new bride intoxicated by the
New found nectar of love Dozing… giggling…
The heart whispers back

‘To express my gratitude
For this moment now….’


A prayer happens
In unison
With joy
Fulfillment and gratitude…
Only in few moments
Exclusive moment
Special moment …..When

A prayer is offered
A prayer is replied

A moment
from few moments…




a father

He was the one…
Only one….
The Best one…
Only one…
My idol and the creator

HE was my FATHER

Who never feared
Whether there is soft sunshine
Or dense darkness…

Who never bothered

Who knocks at his door
Whether pain or pleasure….
From whose eyes oozes all the time only LOVE…

He was my FATHER…

By profession a doctor…
But an intense walker…
A simple believer…

Whenever there was a storm
He stood unfazed & strong
Never bothered lightening
Or a hailstorm filled with packs of stones

One who accepted with a smile
Both sad and happy moments together

He was my father
From whom I learnt
The magic of surrender

When the towering waves of calamity
Surpasses all thinkable disasters
When someone in the family was pushed to
The ultimate state of existence
One who has mystically applied his prayers
Saving the moment from being shattered
Bring normalty back chanting the name of GOD
Teaching us the power of chanting GOD’s name…..
His life full of grandeurs….
Driving his boat with equanimity & contentment…
He was our father… a walker… simple believer….

This is a time that appears every year,
When we join together
To express our gratitude and build his memoir.
On this twenty-fifth anniversary of his departure
Sailing the journey with his all time pervading fragrance….
We all remembered his divine presence in our lives
Rediscovering his Permeating essence, sense and presence…..
That influenced us through layers after layer
An all time great….. An all time date… an all time mate
so glowing….. So growing …. So beaming
With his Towering presence… our FATHER

He was the one…
Only one….
The Best one…
Only one…
My idol and the creator
HE was my FATHER

a father
a fathwer


A FATHER’s Promise

a father's promise

WHEN I leave this wonderful earth……
My dear daughter!
Never grieve….
Never feel I am not there……

Fathers never leave….
My father has not left me….
I shall never leave you alone….
This is my promise……

How can a father leave his daring little one…?
The thick blood of the heart flows so freely
As love…

When you cry …my heart breaks…
You too want to fill all my blanks….
Through your little hands…..

The wonderful GOD shall see you
Through my invisible eyes…
Bless you when you feel morose and down
Lift you when you are tired walking the
Beautiful journey of life

Never feel my absence in your life
I shall be there in the
Fruit cabinet of your kitchen
In the book self of your reading table
In the Roof of your heart
Always alive….fresh and smiling

Oh my dear daughter!
Never grief

Moments shall envelop you with
Smiles, tears and thrills….
Moments shall bring you experience of
Oneness…aloofness and aloneness

Look at the sky…

I shall be there…
To cuddle you
To cheer you
To bless you………….

WHEN I leave this wonderful earth……
My dear daughter !
Never grieve….
Never feel I am not there……

Fathers never leave….
My father has not left me….
I shall never leave you alone….
This is my promise……

stones of time
stones of time