Letter to my daughter

Letter to my daughter

Dear Daughter,

Authenticity blends the inner and the outer with strength and with highest beauty. It really does not matter, how one looks at you, with which impression.

If you can authenticate your actions, your inner power shall protect you.

How much you have served your family, need not be certified by others.

I do not think your husband has any such opinions. He was a wonderful son for a mother. He lives his life with his own understanding of it. He is intelligent and believes things in a different way.  But he too understands how you have supported him. His manners and expressions are not as per your expectations. And you have accepted them as they are. Do not limit your strength of accommodating. You are a huge power house of tolerance and simple purity. Purity always leaves a mark even on a mountain heart.

We all live our lives as we have learnt relationship, respect and love. Life is a divine gift. We have to manage it with the support of our own divinity.

High values offer broad vision.

Broad vision gives rise to burning desire.

Burning desire leads to focused intent.

Focused intent stimulates committed action.

One thing we learnt from the path… to be honest and offer love and respect.

In course of doing that we must practice restraint. Wherever one does not need your offering, stop offering.

Many rarely understand beauty of support & love.

There is nothing to be worried too. We need not bother.

People who do not contribute much become showier.



Never bother other’s comments.

You are sufficiently awakened to live your life with dignity. Empower yourself with your status and offering. Say politely anything you do not agree. Do not argue with superiors and also with your husband. Keep silence.

Our Master walks every step you walk. And I am with my darling daughter every moment.

Talk with me when you feel alone. Lord shall make everything alright.




gift of love
gift of love

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