Tradition of silence

  TRADITION OF SILENCE Silence vibrating is CreationSilence flowing is LoveSilence shared is FriendshipSilence seen is InfinitySilence heard is AdorationSilence expressed is BeautySilence maintained is StrengthSilence omitted is SufferingSilence allowed is RestSilence re-circled is ScriptureSilence preserved is Our TraditionSilence given is InitiatingSilence received is JoySilence perceived is KnowledgeSilence stabilized is Fulfillment

Funny one liner repartees

Funny one liner repartees A¬†one liner says it all. Have fun reading those 1.What has a lot of keys but cannot open any doors? : A piano. 2.What is a tree’s favorite drink? : Root beer 3.What’s round and bad-tempered? : A vicious circle. 4.Where did the farmer take the pigs on Saturday afternoon? : … Read more

Vishnu and Mahadeva

The blessed Vishnu said, ‘I saluted Mahadeva, saying,– Salutations to thee, O thou that art the eternal origin of all things. The Rishis say that thou art the Lord of the Vedas. The righteous say that thou art Penance, thou art Sattwa, thou art Rajas, thou art Tamas, and thou art Truth… He who is … Read more