Prayer is an invocation

_______ IT IS AN INVOCATION. It is not a humble, meek and impotent beggary, for personal gains from some convinient mighty power which presides over the helpless destinies of devotees. It is not a submission. It is not done in the spirit of showing our hat around a crowd of Omnipotent Deities. On the … Read more

The power of Pranayam

GM My dear Divine friend; Thank you soo much for your prayers. In case of stroke, the neurologists advise their patients about physio therappy… without having (I would say) much knowledge of what actually, it is !! We call it PRANAYAM. Prana is to be known as ‘life-energy’ with the mere touch of which dead … Read more

Enlightenment and universal Thought Bank

An enlightened person has access to Universal Thought Bank or Metaphysical Bank, which is a treasury of all kinds of ideas, thoughts, divine laws, scientific principles, emotions, imagination and any other metaphysical phenomenon known by any other name. All these items have always been present in the Universal Thought Bank. The enlightened persons have been … Read more

The science of life

Science of Life

Good Morning Friend; Namaste.. _/\_ A Spritual seeker, in fact, is a scientist / research scholar of Metaphysics …, or we can say “The Science of Life”. Keeping the above idea in mind…. I would request you to go through the post which is published as my article number 2. Best wishes_/ sd// _______ Stone … Read more

Sense Objects

Good morning friend, If you like to know the title of the first blog which i like to post….it would be “SENSE OBJECTS”. ______ Suppose i post a theme which is from the Geeta or any Upanishads…, i shall give the necessary references too. _____ For the time being only… Thanks. _/\_ ———————– Sense objects … Read more