The power of Pranayam

GM My dear Divine friend;
Thank you soo much for your prayers.

In case of stroke, the neurologists advise their patients about physio therappy… without having (I would say) much knowledge of what actually, it is !!

We call it PRANAYAM. Prana is to be known as ‘life-energy’ with the mere touch of which dead matter become alive !!
So…, you can assume that I live in the Energy-body …. the material-body has been already transcended..

Thank you again.
A Prayer comes from the mental sheath, and therefore, it must be more powerful in its effect.

Here is something for you about prayer:

A prayer contains in it four types of thoughts and emotions.

They are Love, Adoration , Praise and Glorification.

It is essentially a funtion of the Heart.

Upanishads declare that we are not mere ineffectual , limited and fearful creatures but we have within ourselves a personality supremely omnipotent, Unlimited, Fearless and Godly.

Going to post on fleeky…..something else on prayer.

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