Healing is a journey to regain the ground which used to be paradise of self and which has been lost. Healing is the journey in transitional transformation from illness to well being. It is the “renovation of body and mind” which have been broken down from its integrative wholeness.

“Swasthya” in Indian Philosophical context is to put the “self” once again in its PRIME situation in the body where it can exert “complete control” over its processes. (Lit. Swasthya- one who is established in self)

Healing takes place when we discover the “basic ground” on which the whole structure of “existence” is erected.
This ground we find through “self disclosure” and through “self-introspection”. A good friend in a “doctor” or psychotherapist may help in “discovering ourselves”. Yet “self disclosure activity” is exclusively ours.

We had our potentials and disabilities in balance and sometimes have got imbalanced in illness. If sickness has broken the web of life- this has to be woven anew. We may in hurry try to “patch the holes within self” merely “externally with chemicals” yet in healing we need to altogether refurbish our existence from the very base.

We need to reset a lifestyle- both physical and spiritual. We have to bring together scattered parts of the self. The holes created in our “personality” by none other than our tormentors in life and sometimes because of our own ignorance and carelessness need to be repaired first. Pervasive sadness of the self and continuous “self denial” activity need to be recognized and dealt with.

We get sick when the creative life in us does not get actualized. We shall have to learn to unfold and reclaim the parts of self which have been lost and we are unconscious of it. We shall have to awaken our inner self and let it demand from us a wider life.

We had been buying love at the cost of our dreams. We had been continuously belittled for our plausible needs which had been wrongly termed desires. We had been termed “egotistic” by the “thoughtless virtuosity” of the centuries standing. We need to get our “genuine claim” to the “immaculate existence” which we consider as “ours”.

We need to restore our communication with our real self. It shall be done when we shall start hearing the language of our bodies and start feeling the freedom of mind in every act.

In healing we shall come to term with some intolerable truths. We may have to become self-resistant to pain. We may have to reframe ourselves to get “fine meanings of life”. We shall have to create a reasonable balance between what we want and what we need to have a simple life.

We must have to learn that life is a constant adaptation. Body and mind ride the ebb and flow of our breath- the prana and the soul. With erotic physical and psychological feelings we can arouse a hearty person in us.

We shall have to listen our holographic universe which we carry in our holographic mind and brain. Mind may have to be made congruent in this concept of existence. Life maybe a dream but we have to live it.

To heal we must discover the parts of self we do not yet know as ours. We do not know where do they exist. These parts are in dire need of love. They when healed produce “wellness”.


What you have at this stage is the beginner’s mind.

This mind is at the very start of acquiring knowledge.

Beginner’s mind is flexible and ready to take up new information.

A knowledgeable mind is the mind that is shut up.

It has many theories and explanations but all are old and rusty.

Science is ever changing discipline and always challenging you with new view points.

Dullest mind is the mind of a person who has acquired highest degree from a university.

Beginner’s mind is a bliss.

If you have this even though you have attained substantial knowledge you’ll never be tired of acquiring new information or revising the old one.


Learn ‘Meditation’ from some experienced teacher.

But try to avoid to seek his guidance again and again for some worldly problems you encounter.

Here your own mind and intellect is your best guide.

No other person can guide you in a way your own mental discretion can.

You feel gratitude towards that teacher is enough to pay your obeisance. 

All learning  are directed to make you independently face challenges and difficulties of life.  

Your mind is like a lake where any new information enters like a stone and creates ripples of thoughts.

But after some time as the lake regains its calmness so your mind should.

But this does not happen under usual circumstances

Uninhibited thoughts keep on wandering in your brain.

They keep you chatting internally.

Meditation is relaxing your mind and body in such a way that your mind regains its calmness.

It sweeps away the unnecessary information and  keep your mind  tidy and clean.

Energy that it generates is the energy of free space where more information can be stored more challenges are dealt with.


Do not run away from fear.

Put your eyes in the eyes of fear and then act.

There are two types of fears.

In the real dangers like snakes or fire fear is the good or healthy response.

But most of the time you are affected by psychological fears, the illusory dangers e.g. fear of ghosts, fear of examinations or simply fear of accepting challenge.

You become quite nervous and loose half of your potential.

You must expose yourself repeatedly to such fears before you finally master them.


‘Good and bad’, ‘sacred and evil’ are those unnecessary playthings whole of the world is busy with.

Good is fighting with the bad and bad in turn considers good as its enemy.

This so called goodness you hold is relative goodness which always stands against bad.

There is an absolute goodness which synthesizes both good and bad into single uniform act.

Relative goodness is your goodness alone while absolute goodness is universal

You may be considering certain things as bad while universally they may be good and vice versa

You  rarely meditate on whole life to find what is an ABSOLUTE GOODNESS

In your life, good and bad are in conflict both in outer life so they are in you inner life, in your inner mind

Our inner life our inner mind should not be in conflict because of good and bad division

Consciousness working within  has the qualities of absolute.

All discretion of good or bad are products of mind which works in association with society.

Society is a constant process of change. There are legal and social issues which keep on revising

The values on which a society is built change with changing times and so the definitions of good or bad.

For a wise person such divisions only exist in the outer but not in inner mind

But if you hold a hideous nature to cause harm to a person then it is your own inner hell not someone’s else’s.



Your brain processes information like a computer. For this it needs time.

Total import of information during the whole day is so big that it cannot process whole of the information simultaneously.

So during night when you are sleeping brain takes up the task of processing information.

Brain does this by storing entire information into different compartments of memory stores.

All superfluous information which we do not need at all is going to be discarded.

Information that is necessary for future is stored

This information shall be  retrieved by memory later.

This shows us importance of sleep.

If we do not sleep or have disturbed sleep or the challenging information is such that it needs more time than the whole night of sleep then the brain will not be free enough for the next day’s tasks.

We will behave as if we are busy with our thoughts during the whole day.

Such things happening again and again are the cause of our confusing behavior.

You need enough sleep (6-8 hrs a day) for the proper memory functions.   


At some spare moments try to move into your brain, into your mind, into your thoughts and observe the activities of your thoughts.

Some times you have pleasant thoughts and many a times your thoughts are disturbing and unpleasant.You have troublesome and worrisome thoughts.

Are you able to watch them without yourself getting disturbed? It is not so easy task.

A thought produces an effect which is necessary for its own survival. Your mind jumps like a grasshopper from one thought to another. It takes pleasure or displeasure as per the nature of the thought.

Can you dissociate yourself from that pleasure or displeasure and watch the thought dispassionately or unemotionally.

If you are able to do this then you have created an observer in you.

But this observer is a silent observer. It does not put your thoughts into ‘good’ or ‘bad’ category. Never let it do so.

Otherwise you will put yourself in that cage of duality and double standards in which much of humanity is suffering.

Try to perform an activity which is called ‘completion of thought’.

While observing your thoughts you see that if a thought has the potential of hurting you psychologically you immediately move to another thought.

You never let that thought ‘complete’ itself.

Perhaps that is why thoughts disturbs you repeatedly.

Can you let your mind to act in a manner that you complete that hurting thought too and watch silently without feeling its hurt as if this has been happening with someone else?



You may be introvert or extrovert in your mental dispositions.

If you are an introvert in nature try to overcome your introvertedness.

Try to be more aware of your surroundings and people around you. 

Develop healthy relationship with the people you know. Do not work on the dictates of your co inhabitants. 

Develop friendships where you are an equal partner and not a submissive one. 

Help others in their difficulty and never hesitate to ask for help in your own.

If you are an extrovert try to cut short your activities.

Try to observe your routine.

Cut short your ‘friendly circle’ that keeps you busy all the time and try to expand that ‘humanity circle’ where you do charity without seeking recognition.

Help others in a manner that you do not seek the repayment even in your thoughts.

Try bearing loss without repentance.

See for yourself your work being done where you are also a performer but do not make yourself that passionate active performer.

Try to develop that ‘dispassion’ that casual manner in all your activities.   


Understand the conditioned responses of your nervous system.

Understand your habitual behavior and new creative responses.

Your mental faculties may be too lethargic to accept anything new.

Understand any new creative response that sometimes occurs when you are challenged.

For example you have moved to a new city and trying to locate a friend without a valid address. See how your nervous system behaves and gets tremendous energy when it finds any new clue and how it gets frustrated when it proves futile.

Let yourself experience that sustained mental activity.

Never say no if such thing happens again in future.

Million of years of man’s active engagement in facing similar challenges has been able to provide you with such an intelligent brain.

Alternatively you may experience similar bursts of energy when you are at home and working on a solution to a problem.




Do not let your nervous system feel sudden excessive burden of acquiring knowledge in short span of time.

Move slowly if you are learning a new technique, reading a new book or learning a new discipline.

Do not blame yourself that you are not competitive enough.

Never let yourself under stress of learning or doing

Try to learn or do all the things completely and slowly.

Never put yourself under peer pressure.

Never press your intellect to act at a pace that you see in others.

Each one of you is unique individual having his/her own pace of learning. While trying to learn things fast you may omit certain very fundamental aspects.



Keep your body clean and disease free.

Exercise daily so that you have better cardiovascular and respiratory performance.

Eat less and suitably to your metabolic needs.

Take prompt care if any of your systems is under stress or imbalanced.

Try to avoid  stressed systems to be used ruthlessly

for example you have a digestive problem and still you agree to a dinner party.

You have a heart problem and still you run to catch city bus

or you have respiratory problem yet you do not cover your nose with mask in polluted atmosphere etc. etc. 

Mind Body Medicine

What is mind body medicine?

Mind body medicine is about physical and psychological stress and their association. A diseased body may be the cause of mental tension. Vice versa pure psychological distress may lead to many disorders like headache, migraine, high and low B.P., gastritis and peptic ulcer, bronchial asthma, hypertension heart disease etc. 

How physical and psychological stresses can be identified?

Physical or physiological stress can be identified as environmental stress e.g. unclean air, water or eatables; living in overcrowded places or solitary living; over or under nutrition; over or under exercise; infections and certain surgical conditions.

Psychological stress can be identified in the form of maladjustment with others; bad planning leading to failures; over or under spending; anxious or over jealous behavior etc. These manifest in the form of anxiety and depression, drug addiction, sexual disorders like impotence [males] and frigidity [females]. Many diseases like hypertension and heart disease may get aggravated by psychological factors.

How do mind body medicine  cure these ailments?

Educating the person about his actual physical and psychological condition is only cure. Person with the help of his physician will make necessary changes in his     life style,  habits  and   his     physical

environment. Secondly mind body medicine through different strategies will help relax the person both physically and mentally. 

How Ayurveda and naturopathy is associated with mind body medicine?

Ayurveda is Indian way of healing. Popular misconception is that Ayurveda is about herbal or other forms of desi medication. Ayurveda is actually about identifying the body type of a person i.e. vata, pitta and kaffa and finding the doshas related with these and thus effecting the cure by removing particular dosha through change in dietary habits and some common house hold remedies. Naturopathy is all about detoxification of body by different methods. Some of these methods are grouped under common heading called Panchakarma. Steam bath, ayurvedic massage, Shirodhara, Snehana, Aromatherapy are some of the methods included in panchakarma therapy.

How biofeedback is associated with mind body medicine?

Biofeedback technique can be perceived as psycho-physiological mirror of the body. You start receiving psychological and physiological stress signals from body and mind at the feeling level similarly as you see yourself in a mirror and correct your dress and make-up. Here you correct these signals viz. pulse-rate, respiratory rate, GSR[ galvanic skin response], temperature etc. EEG and EMG are also part of the biofeedback devices which are better termed as neuro-feedback devices. Here person visualizes and monitors his EEG to have high alfa-waves during relaxation.


What disorders can be effectively treated through biofeedback devices?

Migraine headaches, Tension headaches, chronic pain, non-cardiac chest pain, Urinary  Incontinence, irritable bowl syndrome, High and low blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias, hyperactivity disorders in children, epilepsy, insomnia, depression etc. respond well to biofeedback methods. Biofeedback effectively tells the person how thoughts affect the body; monitor his relaxation; help him concentrate and do meditation in a way.

Swaran J Omcawr


Health is harmony


Living in harmony with the inner and outer environment creates good health.

Before venturing into the field of health and understanding and devising new ways to improve the health status of body must not we ask ourselves whether we cooperate with nature or not, whether we live in tune with nature or not?

There is no end to the degree of harmony one can achieve if one sets oneself to task. The method lies in emphasizing prevention over cure but without neglecting cure if disease already exists.

All what we need is creation of balance e.g. balance in selecting  our food which we require for taste buds satisfaction and what we require for the cellular function;

Balance in the rest and comfort we take and rest or comfort we need;

Balance in competing with co-fellows physically for survival and dominate them mentally for ego satisfaction

And above all balance in our motives that we undertake for an influential life and for healthy life.

We can clearly see that one aspect of life if dominant would create diseased society infected with wars and chaos while other one if balanced would create healthy society with frugal desires to cause depletion of earth resources.

Individual balance or harmony has a vertical dimension which is the dynamic interplay of one’s mind, body and spirit. There is horizontal dimension which is the equilibrium between the individual and his/ her physical environment.

If physical body should be in balance with gross nature, the mind should be in balance with the group-mind of the society. Our soul should be in tune with the universal soul which means complete satisfaction for the life we are provided with.

It is easiest to harmonize the body-mind-soul complex by starting with the body, which is comparatively stable and easy to approach.

Balance of mind and spirit which is delicate and little difficult to stabilize but becomes easy once the body has been made firm and healthy.

The medical practices which entirely deal with making the individual biologically living are one step short of those which deal with making him mentally sound and spiritually honest.

There are certain therapies like Yoga and Meditation which make individual physically strong and prevent diseases. Meditation clears the mind of unwanted worrisome thoughts which tax the body with nervous over activity and are the cause of our anxious behavior.

The creation of dynamic balance in the mind body and spirit is the basis of our harmony with the nature and ultimate health.balance-health