Healing is a journey to regain the ground which used to be paradise of self and which has been lost. Healing is the journey in transitional transformation from illness to well being. It is the “renovation of body and mind” which have been broken down from its integrative wholeness.

“Swasthya” in Indian Philosophical context is to put the “self” once again in its PRIME situation in the body where it can exert “complete control” over its processes. (Lit. Swasthya- one who is established in self)

Healing takes place when we discover the “basic ground” on which the whole structure of “existence” is erected.
This ground we find through “self disclosure” and through “self-introspection”. A good friend in a “doctor” or psychotherapist may help in “discovering ourselves”. Yet “self disclosure activity” is exclusively ours.

We had our potentials and disabilities in balance and sometimes have got imbalanced in illness. If sickness has broken the web of life- this has to be woven anew. We may in hurry try to “patch the holes within self” merely “externally with chemicals” yet in healing we need to altogether refurbish our existence from the very base.

We need to reset a lifestyle- both physical and spiritual. We have to bring together scattered parts of the self. The holes created in our “personality” by none other than our tormentors in life and sometimes because of our own ignorance and carelessness need to be repaired first. Pervasive sadness of the self and continuous “self denial” activity need to be recognized and dealt with.

We get sick when the creative life in us does not get actualized. We shall have to learn to unfold and reclaim the parts of self which have been lost and we are unconscious of it. We shall have to awaken our inner self and let it demand from us a wider life.

We had been buying love at the cost of our dreams. We had been continuously belittled for our plausible needs which had been wrongly termed desires. We had been termed “egotistic” by the “thoughtless virtuosity” of the centuries standing. We need to get our “genuine claim” to the “immaculate existence” which we consider as “ours”.

We need to restore our communication with our real self. It shall be done when we shall start hearing the language of our bodies and start feeling the freedom of mind in every act.

In healing we shall come to term with some intolerable truths. We may have to become self-resistant to pain. We may have to reframe ourselves to get “fine meanings of life”. We shall have to create a reasonable balance between what we want and what we need to have a simple life.

We must have to learn that life is a constant adaptation. Body and mind ride the ebb and flow of our breath- the prana and the soul. With erotic physical and psychological feelings we can arouse a hearty person in us.

We shall have to listen our holographic universe which we carry in our holographic mind and brain. Mind may have to be made congruent in this concept of existence. Life maybe a dream but we have to live it.

To heal we must discover the parts of self we do not yet know as ours. We do not know where do they exist. These parts are in dire need of love. They when healed produce “wellness”.

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