A Nation’s Strenght

An overall logical understanding indicates — A Nation’s Strength is mainly depends on collective OVERALL STRENGTH of its all, including each and every individual person. This ‘overall strength’ includes a major part as mind strength,.and smaller part as physical strength. A weak and indecisive society, which always adopts a floating attitude, and never dives deep … Read more

Truth and Cleverness

What — TRUTH and CLEVERNESS are like? — Truth is like a solid mass, and it is like a weight; and it has strength. — Whereas, cleverness is intelligence, and it may have direction like either towards positive side or towards negative side. — TRUTH could be compared to (electrical) VOLTAGE, and INTELLIGENCE compared to … Read more

The power of God

Good Morning to all. ——————– We know that God is great and He has great power, .. but we may many time fail to realize that HE can use that power to punish us to mend our ways when we go astray!!. ————— God is great, & Satyam Eva Jayate.

A fundamental right?

Most people in India, instead of reading and trying to understand logically correctness of news presented by tv channels,it seems, they blindly believe and accept as truth whatever news readers say it on tv. .. Today one tv news channel says .. A case on behalf of a group of women agitators who are agitating … Read more

Learn Spirituality

At initial age for children it is important to learn spirituality than anything else, so that when they start growing they will be rightly able to distinguish which knowing/knowledge is good and helpful for personal, spiritual and social life living wherein slowly and gradually they rightly adopt learning skill, earning means of living, and enriching … Read more

Work is worship

Good Morning to all. Work is worship. Going to workplace and carrying out assigned work is more beneficial than going to a temple (= any worship place) and asking God to give luck and benefit, because HE already knows what you need since HE is all ANTERYAMI. Work is Worship; and Satyameva Jayate. Tolerance, compassion … Read more

Speaking truth

Why we are so much hypocrites? Whereas, hardly any one speaks TRUTH nowadays. More we speak untruth, more we become irresponsible. Discipline and truthfulness in speak and action are an elevated spiritual attitude.

Supreme Divine Power

Good Morning to all friends. May Supreme Divine Power guide us to be righteous, and empower us to carry out good work, and thus bring progress and happiness not only for us, but for all others as well. Truth prevails. God is great.

Our Thankfulness

We Indians are to be very thankful: to God, .. for His grace, guidance and care; to our country the India, .. for all the opportunities it democratically now made available for our use, and, thanks to the entire World .. particularly to the North America, West Europe, Middle East, South Africa, South East Asia, … Read more

Marriage today

MARRIAGE, – What is it to be considered.. . as a SOCIAL SYSTEM, OR as a RELIGIOUS SYSTEM for people of various CULTURAL groups who all together live under A MAIN SYSTEM as a NATION. Please share your analysed view here. Thanks.

The real means

In Spiritual World, MEANS of your action that only serves (justifies) the END result. Whereas, in Material World, END only plays as the main purpose, and, how it is achieved is NOT of any significance at all !!.

Bothering others

SELFISHNESS (= taking care of self/individual interests only at any cost without bothering whether that action supports or obstructs others’ needs) is anti-spirit(ual), b’cos self-spirit is the smaller part of larger and supreme spirit (the universe) .

The fruits of INDEPENDENCE

We have achieved Independence from foreign rule now it is about seventy year back; But have we yet fully succeeded in bringing complete Independence for all our people from the bondage of poverty, enslavement by powerful forces; And, have we yet succeeded in providing to all people, particularly to the less privileged people equal opportunity … Read more

The political scenario in India

In India, it seems, our present national political scenario could be grouped as three category thought process people: One being .. INHERITED ANCIENT IDEOLOGY represented by BJP, Second being POLITICAL OPPORTUNIST LIBERALS represented by CONGRESS and other like minded peoples groups, and the THIRD being the so called LEFT OUT PEOPLES MUSCLE GROUP represented by … Read more

Satyameva Jayate

Good morning, wishing you all the best day, and the future as well. Introspection of our speak, walk and action so far, would graduate us to upper level of capability to perform more efficiently, more lovingly and more spiritually. — Satyameva Jayate.

The poor and the rich

Poor people remain poor not because they don’t like to become rich, but, because rich people don’t want to become more richer. It is so because, one main reason is that there is not much opportunity for poor people to earn more at higher income due to lack of more work opportunities. And, our rulers … Read more

Narrow/broad minded

No one suffers due to ‘ BROAD MINDEDNESS ‘. All suffering are mainly due to NARROW MINDED attitude which not only restrains good expend of ENERGY and thus affects the growth, but it also involves increase in DEPENDENCE.

Pseudo spirituality

PSEUDO-SPIRITUALISM: Trying to create a beneficial status by quickly giving any reasoning .. is matching to PSEUDO-SPIRITUALISM. e.g. : Some people while in India they support any conservative political party; But while they go to America (US), there they support liberal party there. Please share your view here.

the unseen

In a country like our India where per capita income is less compared to many developed countries, and here many people follow unethical means to earn their income and thus lead to unspiritual method in their day to day activities. And, though these people become rich quickly, and, also earn good respect in the EYE … Read more

The intention of speech

When someone speak or talk about something, by listening carefully if you could and are able to make out their intention about the talk and its content/subject, even if they do not mention it (intention), even then in that matter you could make out : what is good or bad, what is right or wrong, … Read more

A New earning

Who, in this life earns maximum money among the following…. 1) Is the one who WONDERS about the past life?; …. or …. 2) Who WORRIES about this life?? ..or …. 3) The one who PLANS for the next life???

A positive ego

Very good morning and best wishes to our all spiritual seekers. A positive ego helps us to learn more and to expand and develop our knowledge; and thus attaining empowerment. Whereas a negative ego makes us become arrogant, incompetent and leads to adopt deviation from righteous path.

Political parties and ideologies

ABC Narayan shared Shekhar Ray’s Post: Dt.23 .11.2016. Shekhar Ray Unity of all opposition parties having very different ideologies (or no ideology !) proves the degree of corrupt and opportunist people exists in Indian politics. Do you also think like this? ABCNarayan::This is a mocking view on the action of opposition political parties who are … Read more

Currency and Black money

Currency and Black money: GOI (govt. of India) on D8-11-2016 derecognised Rs.500 and Rs. 1000 denomination currency notes, and it expected to replace it with new Rs.500 and Rs. 2000 currency notes to be in circulation from D11-11-2016, and it is given to understand that this immediate step was taken so as to phase out … Read more

Each way & form

Way and form

each way & form * i have gone through eternity, living through every life and form. i have vibrated along time, rhyming with every dust and storm. In myself, i am the pulse & impulse, the soul and substance, of each & every life & form. in myself, i am each & every breath, each … Read more


Karma Dharma People say, ..‘ forget the past,’ b’cos .. it has gone; and no use of thinking about it, as it is a waste of time. People say, .. ‘forget the future’, b’cos .. it is yet to come, and you don’t know how it will be, and, you also won’t know whether you … Read more


BE ONE TOP UNDISPUTED RULER TODAY IN THIS ENTIRE WORLD or in this UNIVERSE. .. WHO is (SHE) or HE?.. .. .. IT CANNOT be ‘OBAMA’ or ‘PUTIN’ or ‘MODI’; .. WHO CAN SHE/HE/IT be!. An important clue for searching an answer: HE/SHE/IT knows everyone, and everything. © ABC Narayan


TO APPRECIATE: To appreciate, firstly one needs true knowledge for correctly understanding what to be appreciated in others. Secondly, one must have ability and willingness to appreciate others good qualities. TO BE APPRECIATED: To be appreciated, one must understand self very well, and also about truthfulness and righteousness in one’s own thoughts and actions. He/she … Read more


Who can develop and hold active but true LOVE in himself/herself, and, also offer it to others as per DIVINE wishes?. Neither those who are enjoying material riches, nor those starving poor people might be able to do this. But, only those who adhere to and practice genuine TRUTH in their daily living can only … Read more


Facebook is a free media where one can express/share his/her opinion on various matters of mutual interest, and also for sharing information with wide range of other people. However, many people use this forum for misinformation and misleading others. And, many use it as a propaganda and publicity forum without even attempting to truly understand … Read more

A noble life


Nation building

© ABC Narayan Nation building cannot be made by HATEFUL empty slogons, or by showing excessive EGO, or by displaying empty PRIDE; But only by showing SINCERITY in TALK and WORK, and by USING knowledge of EXPERIENCE of good, efficient, and progressive PERFORMANCE. — Satyameva Jayate– GOD is GREAT

Divinity in us

One of the main rule reganding DIVINITY is that we should be able to see and act in a big (hearted) way in our every action. Anything we do, atleast a small portion of it should be asigned to God’s favour, and it to be used as per HIS wish and direction. Our doing any … Read more

October 2, a great day to remember

October, 2, is the important day to remember the person who stood steadpast for his own truthful principles, who stood strong, unmoving, uncompromising his principles whatever might be the cost to his own life, and for self respect.of his own, and that of his own Nation and it’s people. That great person – M.K. Gandhi, … Read more

Religious Rituals, DIVINITY, and Spirituality

In Islam, there is a saying, guidance and instruction that — Any person (who is a Muslim) should make a pilgrimage to MAKKA (the holiest place of Islamic Faith) IFand IF only he or she could manage the expenses of travel and pilgromage expenses from his/her own INCOME.This is a clear indication to all humanity … Read more

Good morning

Good morning to all. May the day be very productive, and bring success, achievement and happiness to all. We remember … God gets pleased by sincerity, efficiency, hard work, consistency, and responsible attitude with good actions which are the pillars and strength of a society that could be relied upon, and would be a model … Read more

True democracy

True democracy is a system which indicates presenting our TRUTHFUL WAY of living. Since TRUTH is DIVINITY, just talking simple TRUTH is million time EASIER than even doing or practicing that TRUTHFUL action. So, what is the difficulty in talking or presenting our views in a simple and TRUTHFUL MANNER rather than adding deviation (from … Read more

Our ability to Heal

Very good morning to all; And reminding ourselves that we all have divine energy in us, and that which when enhanced by carrying out divine activities we become spiritually very much evolved people.It then brings or develops capability in us to be like Seers, to be able to understand and know our nobility and our … Read more

Talk is easy, work difficult

TALK is EASY, but WORK is DIFFICULT: That is why it seems TALK brings more PROBLEMS, and, whereas, WORK solves many PROBLEMS. That is why it seems JAIN MUNIES keep their mouth SHUT, and keep WALKING giving BLESSINGS!SHUT, and keep WALKING giving BLESSINGS! © Ab Narayan


May Almighty bless all well Encourage everyone to thank HIM for the day passed yesterday.. Ensure to Pray to HIM for efficiency and best work Today.. and Provide best future for Tomorrow; And bring Goodness to all, and worries to none. Satya Meva Jatate… Kayaka ve Kailasa. © Ab Narayan  


Wisdom develops from inner deep study and rigorous practice, and NOT by manipulating words and speaking according to others taste for temporary gain! © Ab Narayan

Living by example

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, previous President of India, was not only a scientist, scholar, but also he was a saint. He had all knowledge and performance as many many superior saints could do. His life itself was a sainthood. He not only taught, encouraged students and people to learn talents and thus gain intellectuality, skill … Read more

Introspect to achieve divine Grace

As in ancient days Rshis were going to forests for performing great penance for achieving greater intellectuality and higher spirictuality with divine power for the benefit of entire Human Race. Whereas, present day people prefer using intellectuality for destroying others PEACEFUL LIVING!. We need to introspect how to achieve DIVINE GRACE by true actions with … Read more