Religious Rituals, DIVINITY, and Spirituality

In Islam, there is a saying, guidance and instruction that — Any person (who is a Muslim) should make a pilgrimage to MAKKA (the holiest place of Islamic Faith) IFand IF only he or she could manage the expenses of travel and pilgromage expenses from his/her own INCOME.This is a clear indication to all humanity that God does not want or like you collect money from others and perform HIS worship and Pooja celebrations. People of all Faiths need to revisit this divine guidance, and need to ensure that they do not hurt feeling of others who cannot afford to contribute or not willing to spend for these (rituals) are NOT compulsary.

May Almighty Bless All with good spiritual knowledge and understanding of good and correct knowledge of WORSHIP so that the ALMIGHTY don’t have to be burdened with taking tough actions against peoples wrong actions in the name of pleasing God by ritual worships by using direct or indirect compulsion on others for contributing for religious worship celebrations.

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2 thoughts on “Religious Rituals, DIVINITY, and Spirituality”

  1. As per Muslim laws 40% of their income they donate for religion & they help people who are spreading the glories of the Lord. Other religions should learn from them. Those who do prachar & give their life to Lord n to please the life of the Lord are not ordinary people. They need to be helped. As per Bhagwat Gita those who help krsnas devotees krsna showers mercy on them. Those who can’t give time, can’t chant , can’t give their body in the mission of Lord should donate money to those who are giving. For example ..sadhu sanyasi not all them become CEO

  2. As per krsna the supreme Lord one should help others with body mind & wealth. The logic is ” if you find a thirsty person you can’t preach him philosophy. If you find hungry person give him food, those who need love, give them. It’s all about understanding the need

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