A Nation’s Strenght

An overall logical understanding indicates — A Nation’s Strength is mainly depends on collective OVERALL STRENGTH of its all, including each and every individual person. This ‘overall strength’ includes a major part as mind strength,.and smaller part as physical strength. A weak and indecisive society, which always adopts a floating attitude, and never dives deep to search for truth, cannot progress well as it cannot gain high spiritual strength So, if a nation has to become strong, its people must have strong will power, highly righteous in attitude, strong in decision making, and also must have good depth in spiritual knowledge. One of the main means by which this strength could be achieved is by adopting sincerity and dedicated attitude, efficient and hard work, spiritual inclination in all .. thought,.. talk .. and .. action. And, a righteous and courageous life style will help camouflage the surrounding to accept and pass-in only God’s grace and good luck. © Ab Narayan

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