SPIRITUALITY MADE EASY: ( Questions & Answers)

SPIRITUALITY MADE EASY: ( Questions & Answers) Question: 1 Is it necessary to be spiritually awakened? Answer: Absolutely not. Spiritual Awakening is a need for only those who want to look beyond the monotony of the physical world and are curious to delve into the mysteries of this creation and the universe. Question: 2 what … Read more


Food clothing and shelter are the basic needs of the BODY MACHINE for proper maintenance and smooth functioning. Notwithstanding the quality and quantity of the objects available to satisfy these needs, the level of comfort and satisfaction is purely a subjective matter for each individual . A person enjoying the comforts of a palace and … Read more

Spirituality made easy: a spiritual riddle

What/ who am “I ” ? I am not man/woman/transgender or any other creature? I am not body/soul/spirit/mind/memory/imagination ,intelligence,logic or any component that constitutes a human being. I am not any solid or abstract known to human beings. There is no word in human lexicon that is synonym or antonym of “I”. I am not … Read more

Spirituality made easy – the purpose of life

SPIRITUALITY MADE EASY: ( The Purpose of Life): The purpose of life first of all is to evolve from an animal being to spiritually evolved human being. After that nothing needs to be done, every thing begins to happen of its own. What happens when spiritually evolved is more to be experienced than to be … Read more

Spirituality made easy – insights (the ultimate observer)

A spirituality awakened person leads a balanced and near perfect life passing through the material world unaffected by its deceptive appearances and stifling entanglements created by men and material. He is constantly under surveillance of the ULTIMATE OBSERVER that chases him day and night following him through every nook and corner of the world. He … Read more

Religious Rituals, DIVINITY, and Spirituality

In Islam, there is a saying, guidance and instruction that — Any person (who is a Muslim) should make a pilgrimage to MAKKA (the holiest place of Islamic Faith) IFand IF only he or she could manage the expenses of travel and pilgromage expenses from his/her own INCOME.This is a clear indication to all humanity … Read more