SPIRITUALITY MADE EASY: ( Questions & Answers)


SPIRITUALITY MADE EASY: ( Questions & Answers)

Question: 1
Is it necessary to be spiritually awakened?

Absolutely not. Spiritual Awakening is a need for only those who want to look beyond the monotony of the physical world and are curious to delve into the mysteries of this creation and the universe.

Question: 2
what is the use of being Spiritually Awakened?

Absolutely no use. Spiritual Awakening is not meant for those who look for uses, utility, gains and losses.

Question: 3
Then why are some harping on the tune of Spiritual Awakening?

A truly Spiritually Awakened Person does not talk about Spirituality at all. He gets transported to the other/inner world and before departing from his present physical body becomes the mute and passive observer of the SLEEPING WORLD. He does not like to disturb those who are lost in the false sweet dreams because he has had enough rebuffs from those whom he tried to wake up to the ultimate reality. I have also rebuffed many who tried to disturb my sweet dreams.

Question : 4
You have been writing on Spiritually Awakening since long. Are you yourself Spiritually Awakened?

Certainly not. If I were Spiritually Awakened I would have become a mute and passive observer of the world show. I simply have brief glimpses of Spiritual Awakening every now and then and find some newness, novelty and difference from the monotonous , dull routine living of the world. I find myself alone and so am trying to find out if there are others like me going through the same state of mind, dilemma and mental confusion, who can accompany me as co-travelers on the road leading to Spiritual Awakening to find out for myself what this much talked about ultimate reality is.


Food clothing and shelter are the basic needs of the BODY MACHINE for proper maintenance and smooth functioning. Notwithstanding the quality and quantity of the objects available to satisfy these needs, the level of comfort and satisfaction is purely a subjective matter for each individual . A person enjoying the comforts of a palace and velvety cushions may not be so satisfied and comfortable as a person sleeping on the grass bed under open sky and soothing gentle breeze. On this count many poor persons score much higher than their wealthy counterparts, and their body machine is sturdier with high potential for undertaking strenuous jobs and more immune to disease attacks.
The other basic need of the human body ,like all other creatures, is love making and sex. On the physical plane it is basic intuitive urge for procreation and survival and carrying forward of the race . However, misusing the free will available to man as opposed to other creatures man has over a period of time made love making ans sex a function of the mind. Not only that, the faculty of fantasising has vastly perverted this natural and sacred activity. With respect to the fulfilment and satisfaction of this urge/need also, the poor score much higher than their resourceful wealthy counterparts, notwithstanding their multiple heterosexual and homosexual encounters.

Spirituality made easy: small tips

Your body is the vehicle in which you are traveling through the physical world. Don’t mistake it to be YOU. Take care of your vehicle to make your journey smooth and comfortable. Get ready to alight and become alert before your vehicle begins to show signs of wear and tear and breaks down completely. It will save you and yours from sudden shock and will ensure your smooth passage through the world . Our ancient ancestors , ascetics and Rishies set apart the last time phase of their lives for this purpose and called it SANYAS i.e. preparedness for the abandonment of your worn out and broken down vehicle.

Spirituality made easy: a spiritual riddle

What/ who am “I ” ?

I am not man/woman/transgender or any other creature?
I am not body/soul/spirit/mind/memory/imagination ,intelligence,logic or any component that constitutes a human being.
I am not any solid or abstract known to human beings.
There is no
word in human lexicon that is synonym or antonym of “I”.
I am not known by any name.
I can be conceptualized only by certain characteristics .
I am the only one, unique, unparalleled .
I am present everywhere but I can not
be seen,heard,felt,smelt or tasted.
I alone am everlasting.
The presence of ‘I” extends beyond this universe.
I can’t be owned, possessed or divided,
I am not life but the life force of this universe
I am not afraid of anybody
I am not anybody’s friend or foe.
I am timeless and spaceless, shapeless and boundless
I am not born nor do I die.
I am invisible yet present everywhere,
I am and yet I am not
Only ascetics and unworldly human beings know me.
The nearest verbal description of “I” is recited by every devout Sikh every early morning.
The moment you are able to solve this riddle yourself and for yourself, you wake up from the slumber and become spiritually enlightened.

Spirituality made easy – the purpose of life

SPIRITUALITY MADE EASY: ( The Purpose of Life):
The purpose of life first of all is to evolve from an animal being to spiritually evolved human being. After that nothing needs to be done, every thing begins to happen of its own. What happens when spiritually evolved is more to be experienced than to be explained or described. Your vision becomes very clear and with focus and attention you can become Trilok and Trilkal Darshi transcending the boundaries of space and time. You rise above bodily suffering and mental agonies,everything that is painful in human life. A lot more…………
You attain the final stage of bliss EQUANIMITY , far above happiness and pleasure.
You don’t give up any thing in life. You begin to live life more intensely, without any fear or worry.

Spirituality made easy – insights (the ultimate observer)

A spirituality awakened person leads a balanced and near perfect life passing through the material world unaffected by its deceptive appearances and stifling entanglements created by men and material. He is constantly under surveillance of the ULTIMATE OBSERVER that chases him day and night following him through every nook and corner of the world. He surrenders his privacy gladly and willfully and there are no secrets in his life. He is as naked as Adam & Eve when they were first created by God, and before they ate the fruit of knowledge at the instance of Serpent, the Satan’s agent.
THE ULTIMATE OBSERVER is a wonderful phenomenon of the spiritual world . The ULTIMATE OBSERVER is absolutely unreachable by any individual because it has the impenetrable cover of infinite observers. In simple words it can be said that every observer has a supervising observer appointed over him. All these observers are just observers and they don’t interfere or dictate. Their purpose is to create awareness and instill the feeling in an individual that he is under constant watch and surveillance .. He can’t hide anything from THE ULTIMATE OBSERVER.
A spiritually awakened person has no private life, no private relations,no personal possessions, no private activities, no secrets, nothing hidden, everything completely transparent .

Spirituality made easy

In simple day-to-day conversation people lose their cool in no time. One loses one’s cool because of one’s own self and not because of the other, though each throws the blame on the other. An intelligent and Spiritually Awakened person understands this fact very well and invariably remains away from such kind of undesirable and avoidable hostility, either remaining neutral or taking the blame on himself.
Today the greatest problem in the world, among friends, in family and between husband and wife is the lack of communication and miscommunication . An intelligent and Spiritually Awakened person gives concession to others for their deficiency. Most people don’t mean what they say AND are unable to say what they mean.
You can make enemies everyday or withdraw and take pity on others, the choice is yours.

Religious Rituals, DIVINITY, and Spirituality

In Islam, there is a saying, guidance and instruction that — Any person (who is a Muslim) should make a pilgrimage to MAKKA (the holiest place of Islamic Faith) IFand IF only he or she could manage the expenses of travel and pilgromage expenses from his/her own INCOME.This is a clear indication to all humanity that God does not want or like you collect money from others and perform HIS worship and Pooja celebrations. People of all Faiths need to revisit this divine guidance, and need to ensure that they do not hurt feeling of others who cannot afford to contribute or not willing to spend for rituals.as these (rituals) are NOT compulsary.

May Almighty Bless All with good spiritual knowledge and understanding of good and correct knowledge of WORSHIP so that the ALMIGHTY don’t have to be burdened with taking tough actions against peoples wrong actions in the name of pleasing God by ritual worships by using direct or indirect compulsion on others for contributing for religious worship celebrations.

© Ab Narayan