SPIRITUALITY MADE EASY: ( Questions & Answers)


SPIRITUALITY MADE EASY: ( Questions & Answers)

Question: 1
Is it necessary to be spiritually awakened?

Absolutely not. Spiritual Awakening is a need for only those who want to look beyond the monotony of the physical world and are curious to delve into the mysteries of this creation and the universe.

Question: 2
what is the use of being Spiritually Awakened?

Absolutely no use. Spiritual Awakening is not meant for those who look for uses, utility, gains and losses.

Question: 3
Then why are some harping on the tune of Spiritual Awakening?

A truly Spiritually Awakened Person does not talk about Spirituality at all. He gets transported to the other/inner world and before departing from his present physical body becomes the mute and passive observer of the SLEEPING WORLD. He does not like to disturb those who are lost in the false sweet dreams because he has had enough rebuffs from those whom he tried to wake up to the ultimate reality. I have also rebuffed many who tried to disturb my sweet dreams.

Question : 4
You have been writing on Spiritually Awakening since long. Are you yourself Spiritually Awakened?

Certainly not. If I were Spiritually Awakened I would have become a mute and passive observer of the world show. I simply have brief glimpses of Spiritual Awakening every now and then and find some newness, novelty and difference from the monotonous , dull routine living of the world. I find myself alone and so am trying to find out if there are others like me going through the same state of mind, dilemma and mental confusion, who can accompany me as co-travelers on the road leading to Spiritual Awakening to find out for myself what this much talked about ultimate reality is.

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