Food clothing and shelter are the basic needs of the BODY MACHINE for proper maintenance and smooth functioning. Notwithstanding the quality and quantity of the objects available to satisfy these needs, the level of comfort and satisfaction is purely a subjective matter for each individual . A person enjoying the comforts of a palace and velvety cushions may not be so satisfied and comfortable as a person sleeping on the grass bed under open sky and soothing gentle breeze. On this count many poor persons score much higher than their wealthy counterparts, and their body machine is sturdier with high potential for undertaking strenuous jobs and more immune to disease attacks.
The other basic need of the human body ,like all other creatures, is love making and sex. On the physical plane it is basic intuitive urge for procreation and survival and carrying forward of the race . However, misusing the free will available to man as opposed to other creatures man has over a period of time made love making ans sex a function of the mind. Not only that, the faculty of fantasising has vastly perverted this natural and sacred activity. With respect to the fulfilment and satisfaction of this urge/need also, the poor score much higher than their resourceful wealthy counterparts, notwithstanding their multiple heterosexual and homosexual encounters.

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