Enlightenment and universal Thought Bank

An enlightened person has access to Universal Thought Bank or Metaphysical Bank, which is a treasury of all kinds of ideas, thoughts, divine laws, scientific principles, emotions, imagination and any other metaphysical phenomenon known by any other name. All these items have always been present in the Universal Thought Bank. The enlightened persons have been taking the required items from this source and offering to mankind according to its needs from time to time. Everything in this universe has always been pre-existent or co-existent with the universe. Nothing new happens here. The newness is just kaleidoscopic, different patterns, forms, designs of the physical and metaphysical world created by different permutations and combinations , which our ancient thinkers and philosophers termed as illusory or MAYAJAAL. In fact MAYAJAAL is a kind of physical/material reality in motion like the flowing of water or the blowing of wind. In fact, LIFE is the name given to this constant change and flow of the physical world. The end of motion/flow will mean the end of life in this universe, which is never likely to happen. Complete annihilation of human race , some species of creatures and vegetation is possible but the complete end of life is not possible. The blowing of wind and flowing of water will never stop, so will life.
The only unchangeable and indestructible phenomenon is LIFE FORCE or spirit. Hence the need to focus on Spirituality, Enlightenment and Metaphysics.

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