The advent of Sikhism

मिट्ठत नीवी नानका गुण चंगीआइआ तत् ।

The greatest event of the Christian Era is the Incarnation of Guru Nanak Dev and the advent of Sikhism under the divine patronage of Shri Guru Gobind Singh. The tenth Sikh Guru conferred the status of Living Body of the GURUS on Shri Guru Granth Sahib. No wonder the Sikhs accord the highest degree of reverence to Shri Guru Granth Sahib taking all the care to awaken the SAHIB in the morning with traditional Sikh rituals called PARKASH OF SHRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB and with ritual chanting bidding the SAHIB to retire for rest and sleep at nightfall, the daily ceremony being called Sukhasan.The Holy Book of Divine Knowledge at earlier stages of birth during Guru Nanak’s time and growth under the divine care of the Gurus used to be called POTHI ( पोथी ) which at full maturity during Guru Gobind Singh’s time was infused with IMMORTAL LIFE and given the nomenclature SHRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB.The contents of the GRANTH , enlivened wisdom of the ten GURUS, is collectively called GURBANI or the divine utterances of the GURUS.
Shri Guru Granth Sahib is the ultimate DIVINE WISDOM, SPIRITUALITY AND ENLIGHTENMET. The most amazing feature of the GRANTH being that it is sprinkled with numerous phrases and small sentences out of which even if one is picked up for JAAP AND ABSORPTION, can transform a human being completely and make him an ideal human being worthy of reverence, and in turn frees that human being of all the sufferings and obstacles faced by lesser mortals during their journey through the world. I conclude my tribute to the SIKH GURUS with GURU NANAK’s divine message:

मिट्ठत नीवी नानका गुण चंगीआइआ तत् ।

Try if you can live this वाक् of Guru Nanak Dev. It will transform you completely.


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