Spirituality made easy: a spiritual riddle

What/ who am “I ” ?

I am not man/woman/transgender or any other creature?
I am not body/soul/spirit/mind/memory/imagination ,intelligence,logic or any component that constitutes a human being.
I am not any solid or abstract known to human beings.
There is no
word in human lexicon that is synonym or antonym of “I”.
I am not known by any name.
I can be conceptualized only by certain characteristics .
I am the only one, unique, unparalleled .
I am present everywhere but I can not
be seen,heard,felt,smelt or tasted.
I alone am everlasting.
The presence of ‘I” extends beyond this universe.
I can’t be owned, possessed or divided,
I am not life but the life force of this universe
I am not afraid of anybody
I am not anybody’s friend or foe.
I am timeless and spaceless, shapeless and boundless
I am not born nor do I die.
I am invisible yet present everywhere,
I am and yet I am not
Only ascetics and unworldly human beings know me.
The nearest verbal description of “I” is recited by every devout Sikh every early morning.
The moment you are able to solve this riddle yourself and for yourself, you wake up from the slumber and become spiritually enlightened.

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