Spirituality made easy – insights (the ultimate observer)

A spirituality awakened person leads a balanced and near perfect life passing through the material world unaffected by its deceptive appearances and stifling entanglements created by men and material. He is constantly under surveillance of the ULTIMATE OBSERVER that chases him day and night following him through every nook and corner of the world. He surrenders his privacy gladly and willfully and there are no secrets in his life. He is as naked as Adam & Eve when they were first created by God, and before they ate the fruit of knowledge at the instance of Serpent, the Satan’s agent.
THE ULTIMATE OBSERVER is a wonderful phenomenon of the spiritual world . The ULTIMATE OBSERVER is absolutely unreachable by any individual because it has the impenetrable cover of infinite observers. In simple words it can be said that every observer has a supervising observer appointed over him. All these observers are just observers and they don’t interfere or dictate. Their purpose is to create awareness and instill the feeling in an individual that he is under constant watch and surveillance .. He can’t hide anything from THE ULTIMATE OBSERVER.
A spiritually awakened person has no private life, no private relations,no personal possessions, no private activities, no secrets, nothing hidden, everything completely transparent .

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