The poor and the rich

Poor people remain poor not because they don’t like to become rich, but, because rich people don’t want to become more richer.

Poor and rich

It is so because, one main reason is that there is not much opportunity for poor people to earn more at higher income due to lack of more work opportunities. And, our rulers .. the govts .. too could not provide more organized level daily/casual but regular work facilities and/or other facilities like small trading opportunities.

This could be partially overcome if govt. expands and /or bring up more industries; But mainly, it could be overcome in a major level if our rich people invest more and expand their industries and other businesses for producing more cost effective and better quality products, then that would not only expand sales, export and consumption, but it will also surely result in generating more work opportunities covering larger section of the public( as IT/BT industries have done/helped for people educated in those fields). However, our rich people, b’cos they are already rich, they won’t like to invest more as it would invite more work and more responsibility of running larger industries which would bring more responsibility of paying more tax to the authorities; That is why Swizz Bank and black money are progressing!!.


In India, it seems, most people won’t mind spending in lacs and crores on celebrations like marriage, birth day party, celebration of old traditional festivals like .. ritual worship Araadhana Utsavaas in temples, festivities in Churches, and religion related other traditional ceremonies, but many people either want to avoid paying tax, and/or like to carryout manipulation in declaring assets and income, b’cos it seems they presume that paying tax is a LOSS !!.

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