A fundamental right?

Most people in India, instead of reading and trying to understand logically correctness of news presented by tv channels,it seems, they blindly believe and accept as truth whatever news readers say it on tv. .. Today one tv news channel says .. A case on behalf of a group of women agitators who are agitating … Read more


May Almighty bless all well Encourage everyone to thank HIM for the day passed yesterday.. Ensure to Pray to HIM for efficiency and best work Today.. and Provide best future for Tomorrow; And bring Goodness to all, and worries to none. Satya Meva Jatate… Kayaka ve Kailasa. © Ab Narayan  

a prayer

Clean & clear sky Just like the beautiful supreme soul Being under  your grace The  heat of the hot blazing sun Is like a cool & comforting  shade  of a shady tree My weary & parched soul Finds relief & becomes tranquil My tired body becomes so light And  I feel as if I am … Read more

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