A fundamental right?

Most people in India, instead of reading and trying to understand logically correctness of news presented by tv channels,it seems, they blindly believe and accept as truth whatever news readers say it on tv. .. Today one tv news channel says .. A case on behalf of a group of women agitators who are agitating for their FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT FOR FREEDOM TO PRAY is taken up by supreme court. And, it seems, there that news media does not explain or clearly states .. what it means by FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT TO PRAY??.


May Almighty bless all well Encourage everyone to thank HIM for the day passed yesterday.. Ensure to Pray to HIM for efficiency and best work Today.. and Provide best future for Tomorrow; And bring Goodness to all, and worries to none.

Satya Meva Jatate… Kayaka ve Kailasa.

© Ab Narayan

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a prayer

Clean & clear sky

Just like the beautiful supreme soul
Being under  your grace
The  heat of the hot blazing sun
Is like a cool & comforting  shade  of a shady tree
My weary & parched soul
Finds relief & becomes tranquil
My tired body becomes so light
And  I feel as if I am  flying
in the sky without wings
I just close my eyes
Get lost in my dream world
Where there is only you & me
In the infinite sky of my dreams
You & I play hide & seek
But then just in a blink of an eye
You remind me of my duty bound  earthy existence
I just wake up from my dream world
Come to  the  ground reality of my life
But there is  no feeling of loss
No sense of grief or sorrow
As I know that it is only under your grace
My weary parched soul finds peace & relief
Mind at rest & calm
Body as light as feather
My vessel filled with new vital energy
I again get lost in
The mundane  activities  of  life

O’ beautiful infinite sky
Some times I find black loads
On your broad bosom
But you drop down your  tears
As  pure sweet  rain , the nectar for life
And again you become so clear & clean
I , again start weaving new dreams
With that clear & clean sky
With a new trust in you
That my parched weary soul
Would be taken care by you

O’ my lord ! as & when I need you
You would be there to potect  me
From the hot blazing sun
Like a clouded umbrella  over my head
You will ensure shade  which comforts my soul
My heavy heart will find relief & light
After shedding few tears
And I also would be clean & clear like you
As you know the truth
That only in your companionship
My soul finds comfot & lasting  relief
My heart filled with gratitude
Raising my hands over my head
I bow in front you

O’ my lord !
Few tears of joy from my eyes
Fall at thy lotus feet
As if washing your feet
I drink that nectar as a thirsty soul
It gives me a new life
Fills me with the strength
To walk  in  life’s meandering path

You know O’ my lord !
That it is only at thy lotus feet
My weary parched soul finds
comfort & relief
you are like comforting shade of a thick shady tree
moment I sit under that
my eyes get closed
and I am lost in my dream world

O ‘ lord ! Pl . Bless me with your art to remain clear and clean …..

☺ Dr. Sunita ❤☺