Political parties and ideologies

ABC Narayan shared Shekhar Ray’s Post: Dt.23 .11.2016. Shekhar Ray Unity of all opposition parties having very different ideologies (or no ideology !) proves the degree of corrupt and opportunist people exists in Indian politics. Do you also think like this? ABCNarayan::This is a mocking view on the action of opposition political parties who are trying to unite to take on the govt. in their criticism of cash crunch problem created in the country by govt. recent action, wherein Govt. of India has suddenly and surprisingly on Dt.08.11.2016 demonetized 500 and 1000 rupee notes, and, announced on tv that new 2000 rupee notes will slowly come into circulation. This lead to cash crunch in public; And, various restrictions imposed by the govt. regarding cash exchange and withdrawals from Banks and ATMs caused unexpected, unparallel, and unbearable difficulties to common people, and, that leading to tragedies like more than 70 deaths related to problem lack of timely cash of one’s own money!. On this purpose, if opposition come together for adopting a unified strategy for dealing with the govt. as to how to handle and act upon such obstacles faced by common people. However, in a democratic country like India why then anyone should term the opposition political parties who take up peoples’ needed issues here in this case, are to be called as CORRUPT and OPPORTUNISTS, just because they are taking up important national interest?. This above view it also indirectly gives an impression that taking care of nations interest is the right of present ruling party and its leaders only, who came to power by scoring only 31.3% of the total nationally polled votes in the democratic election took place in 2014. Whereas, in the same election, the opposition who otherwise got 68.7% vote, but as per the view in this article, they cannot have any right to talk on behalf of people of the country at all!. This view also ignores to consider that these opposition political parties are also registered and recognized entities of Indian democratic system. In spite of their support of 68.7.% vote, the above article, mocks them for showing interest in taking up peoples issues, just because the present ruling party won majority seats by collecting 31.3% votes only. Let our chosen type of democratic system, be it be so; But, peoples view, particularly those who have some level of good academic education, ignoring basic principles, and, then misleading people with biased and dictatorial views, no doubt it certainly amount to disregard and disrespect to adopted democratic principles of the National constitution. ABCNarayan/a2ztruth/Fleeky.one/POLITICALPARTIES/2016.11.24.

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