Oh life ,I love you

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Oh Life ,I love you

Oh life ,

my  beautiful co traveler

what should I say

I love you every day

what you give
me on this path
I will accept
with all my heart …
Oh life
I don’t know till today
why i never
understood your ways
I love you so much
that I  keep walking
with hope and faith
as long as you are with me
I fear no enemy …
Oh life
your roads at times
are full of puddles
and potholes
at times ,soft green grass
strewn with earthy flowers
both exist side by side
I’ve learnt to
endear them alike …
Oh life
despite all the pain
you never leave my side
even when I cry
you raise my spirits
by your strength and courage
and bring joy and pleasure
for me to treasure ..
Oh life
you are Gods gift
so it matters not
if you drop me
or give me a lift
it’s these ups and downs
which make  me feel alive
for to live  life
in a straight line
means I don’t survive ….
All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Love is a riddle

Love is a riddle

Love speaks from your eyes
Yet Love cannot be seen or heard
Love is in silence or in noise,
Yet there is an Echo of Love.

Love is beyond touch,
Yet Love touches the Heart.
Love is indefinable,
Yet Love is defined in a million ways.

Love brings freedom
Yet love causes bonds of attachment
Love is a feeling
Yet love is beyond all senses

Love is honored
Yet Love is also besmeared
Love is commonplace,
Yet Love is not an ordinary gimmick

Love is what you make of it,
Yet there is more to Love than what you make of it.
Love in the World has no limit
Yet there is poverty of love in this world

Love comes from the heart
Yet hearts yearn to be loved
Love is in your every breath
Yet your breath pauses n’ sighs for Love

Love in your every beat
Yet your beats go missing looking for Love
Love is you ..you are love
Yet why oh why ! do you to try to find
Love outside of you

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Love is a riddle
Love is a riddle


Sky sea romance

Sky sea romance

Oh! My love we are so far and yet so near
said the glorious sky to the glassy sea
I see my shimmering reflection in you
as the sun rays kiss you passionately

Since eons we’ve been playing together
without a break in every single weather
when I am serene , sober n’ steady
you seem so cutely calm n’ ready

But when I rage, thunder rumble n’ roar
you become rough n’ bumpy to the core
your high and low ebbs n’ tides
are ruled by the sun n’ moon vibes

When i dress up in twinkling stars
you woo me with your silent heart
and when the silvery full moon arrives
you jump n leap with joy to come alive

I can’t wait to hug you at each horizon
as I see lovers stroll along hand in hand
absorbed in our beautiful blissful union
as hearts play a sensuous seductive band

Oh! My love our romance is truly eternal
as every day n’ night unites us n’ separates
at the break of misty dawn I eagerly await
your tender loving touch n’ warm embrace

Glory be to the unseen benevolent almighty
for bestowing his umpteen holy blessings
for without his mysterious mystic presence
our very existence would be a question !


All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Sky sea romance
Sky sea romance




What a muchness
in love,
and…so much more!

One overwhelming
bout of love,
Divinity made you

making you
an exponential
wave of love…
and…so much more!!


and…so much more…?
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there is a language,
one need not
mandatorily utter.

Far from man made
rules of life
and his grammar of living,
there is an order
which man & inanimate
naturally, equally,
silently adhere.

Be it the fragrance
of flower,
be it spring’s whisper…
be it the flicker of
the shining star,
be it the stream’s murmur…

There is a language,
one need not
necessarily pronounce,
one need not
mandatorily utter.

What at all is it?
Is it love’s language?
Or is it, as they say it,
God’s own whisper??

Do not just believe,
for someone says so.
Just touch your heart,
and feel that pulse.

The pulse
that resonates
in you & me,
and in everything,
in an ineffable,
eternal bout of love…

that you
need not
and of course,
that you
need not utter…

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My Sunshine everywhere

My sunshine

Sitting outside on a cloudy day
Looking at the hiding sun rays
Missing its glorious bright sight
I spoke to the peeping sun light

The days we laughed and played
It was such fun each day was done
Energy flowed n gave me strength
Your warm caress I felt at each bend

I wish the dark clouds would sail away
So that I could feel your love and play
dance n sing together hand in hand
Sinking my bare feet in the gritty sand

Hide n seek is not my game
It makes me unhappy and insane
Pray you emerge fast from your shrine
And light up my world with your shine

Your beautiful silver lining around I see
Gives me hope you will come to me
You are my sunshine my life my world
Their is no one here your worth !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi – Pic clicked by me at Chidiya Tapu Andaman

My sunshine
My sunshine

When love hurts ….

A fooling love

She’s broken her heart once again
This foolish love makes her cry in pain
She wanders into d’ dark rainy night
Searching for love to show its light

When love gives pain again n’ again
she longs to be hugged by d’ rain
wishing rain drops will hide her tears
and cool her till the pain disappears

Why does love hurt again and again ?
Where does she go wrong n’ create pain ?
Why do dark clouds obstruct d’ sunlight ?
can she disperse d’ darkness from sight ?

Life without love makes her insane
She keeps on fighting with her pain
Love n’ pain are two sides of life
But without love can she survive ?

You say love gives joy n’ happiness
but she knows love can cause distress
Is there any gain in nursing this pain?
For love makes her both sane and insane

She learns to bear her pain with a smile
pretends things are ok ..fine ..for a while
wipes tears smudging her kohl filled eyes
Marks time to heal her heart’s anguished cries

She prays for a mind which never minds
A strong love filled heart which never hurts
a relationship which only gives ,never expects
life would then be nothing but happiness

Where is such unconditional love found ?
The divinity of love is in Gods love abound
Only when we ourselves become only love
Pain and hurt will die n’ love will rule high above !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

A fooling love
When love hurts

Family first ….

Family First

Destined together from heaven above
Bonded by blood , compassion n’ love
This powerful bond sticks them together
Be it a sunny, rainy or a stormy weather

To care n’ share in sorrow n’ happiness
Wiping each other’s tears in pain n’ distress
Living with acceptance n’ understanding
Learning to be tolerant n’ never demanding

Love flows gently in each word n’ action
Responding with love n’ never a reaction
Your pain is my pain , I’ll be by your side
Will give you all that I can till it subsides

Forgive and forget and live with patience
Bask in the joy of its sweet fragrance
Make each other’s dreams our dreams
Work together to fulfill them as a team

Respect n’trust each other always
Appreciate n’ be honest in your ways
Never ever take each other granted in life
Love n’hug each other everyday to survive

Wealth is neither yours nor is it mine
It’s ours to be used without a whine
A promise to each other we must keep
Be there for each other in moments of need

A blue print of love came from heaven above
Man called it ..family …an epitome of love
Let all humans understand this ..it’s a must
Charity begins at home and it’s family first !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Family First
Family First


Who can develop and hold active but true LOVE in himself/herself, and, also offer it to others as per DIVINE wishes?. Neither those who are enjoying material riches, nor those starving poor people might be able to do this. But, only those who adhere to and practice genuine TRUTH in their daily living can only give true love to others as DIVINE wishes. © Ab Narayan