Karma Dharma

People say, ..‘ forget the past,’ b’cos .. it has gone; and no use of thinking about it, as it is a waste of time.

People say, .. ‘forget the future’, b’cos .. it is yet to come, and you don’t know how it will be, and, you also won’t know whether you will be there to bother about it.

People say, .. ‘ So, empty your mind from such thoughts as they might drain off your energy. So, simply follow the world around you, and there, we will guide you to a great world of happiness that we find appropriate for you!.

These views are neither SPIRITUAL nor a DIVINE guidance. And, this can lead you to intellectual, physical, as well as economical SLAVERY in this world.

Reviewing of past action and learning from it, will neither break your mind nor crack your bone; Instead, it might strengthen your self confidence and help you to perform better next time.

Spending some time devoting for planning tomorrow’s work will increase self  confidence for better and efficient performance, that leading to better result and better output.

Utilizing your intellectual capability, following knowledge of experience of theory  and practical, carrying out every karma/work with sincerity and efficiency will  make DIVINE GRACE automatically shower itself on that, so as to obtain success and prosperity to you and that grace would spread on to your all near and dear people.  SATYAM EVA JAYATE.

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