Be a warrior …..

Awful enemies we have so many
Funny ! that they reside in you n’ me
Though they aren’t worth a single penny
But like hell they keep on defeating you n’ me

How much ever we kick out anger n’ wrath
They come back again with a fresh dart
Configured cunningly to impede our path
Robbing peace and joy from our loving heart

Hate is what we hate to live with
But then at times hate never listens
Challenges brutally our loving etiquette
Filling our insides with poisonous spate

When ugly pride comes thumping in
What follows is our plunge into a dirty bin
Pride costs us almost everything
But when it’s beaten we are nothing


Greed grips us tightly left and right
It does not rest until it feels satisfied
and raises its evil head again n’ again
For greed you know is never quenched

Get out get out ….we cry writhing in pain
The stress you all create makes us insane
You attack our wandering mind and soul
How do we get back our peace , you stole

It’s finally becomes evident that all we need
is an awakened soul n’ a mind which pays heed
So be a warrior in your mind garden invaded by foes
and kill the opponents with soul power that glows

Allow love , patience , humility n’ content to reside
and never permit these terrorists to rule your inside
Praying for Gods grace to see us through this war
To be victorious over our mind , let peace not be far !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

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