What to be and what not to be …

What to be and what not to be
is a question which often perturbs me
at times i feel I may not have acted true
that’s when I start looking at myself anew

Be loving to all n’ connect they suggest
be aware to join the positive minds nest
but when negative thinkers hover around
be eagle eyed n’ flit away before they pound

Mould like potters clay they said
but don’t mess with virtues already in your head
Never mould in demonic vices around
for than in no time you come crumbling down

Be like flowing water you are told
take the shape of the vessel hold
A shrewd shapes himself always this way
but a wise knows that to be still at times pays


Keep an open mind n’ listen to others views
but that doesn’t mean you agree to their clues
let what they have to say be your learning cues
for it adds to improve your many myriad hues

Be confident,its an amazing trait to succeed
But remember if you go one shade ahead
you find arrogance raising its ugly sinister head
to stay away from arrogance,add humility to confidence

Be forgiving ,empathetic ,compassionate n’ kind
Never pity ,it makes them feel useless n’ resigned
We are not on this earth to see through one another,
but we are here to see one another through

Understanding what to be and what not to be
helps us to be Human Be-ing n’ not Human Do-ing
It makes us aware of living with peace ,harmony n humanity
and paves our path ahead to walk towards spirituality !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

To be or not to be
What to be and what not to be …

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