Breaking silence …

At times when I want to share my thoughts
my lips seem stitched n’ silence creates knots
Silence becomes d’ loudest things of all
it drowns all I want to share n’ recall !

Nothing emerges as thoughts painfully hide
silence oppresses all that keeps pounding inside
apprehensive n’ nervous quietness overtakes
waves come and go but none touch the shore !

Who will understand what i am yearning to say
as silence speaks an alien language each day
trapped thoughts inside will one day break free
as d’ burden of silence will be too much for me !

When neither words nor tears leave my body n’ soul
I look up n’ see a beautiful rainbow becoming whole
smile ,laugh n’ be happy it whispers in tranquility
let kind words be spoken ,silence can’t reign eternally !

Silence is golden but when thoughts fill your mind
Unburden let go what made you dumb , n’ speak kind
For words you utter once you cannot retrieve back
speak such words for which you never have regrets!

Speak in a way in which you would like to be spoken to
For a bad wound heals but a bad word doesn’t do
Know d’ power of words and d’ power of silence
Life becomes peaceful when you balance the two !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Breaking silence ...
Breaking silence …

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