Silence and tranquility

is not empty,
it is always
full of
all the answer…
in the tranquility
of silence alone,
man has fought
all the battles
of mind
and uncovered
in its eloquence
all the riddles,
all the answer…
is not empty,
it is always
full of
all the answer…
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Backward Movement


Hey Jigasou!
Why are you looking so sad and morose?

Much against my wish and will
I have taken a few steps backwards
under the force of adverse influences.
I feel, I am retrograding on my path

Listen Jigasou!
Every backward movement is not retrogression.
Sometimes, a backward movement is necessitated
for change of direction or track.
Sometimes, it is a strategic necessity.
Sometimes, it is required for a big leap ahead.
Sometimes, it happens for the reasons
beyond our comprehension.

O Jigasou!
Do not analyze your backward movements.
Visualize your forward movements.
Trust yourself and move ahead.


Right Answers

Do you think you give
the right answers
to all my questions?

No, Jigasou!

Everyone has to
and you too have to
find your own answers –
the right answers –
to all your questions.

I give you only
a distant view
of the right answers
to your questions.


Core Character

Sometimes hot and sometimes cold
Sometimes warm and sometimes cool
Sometimes still and sometimes mobile
Solid, liquid, gas – anywhere, any time.

But these are the peripheral characters of water.
The central character is one, and always constant:
Life giver – life sustainer it is …….

O Jigasou!

Like water, human relations too are complex:
mutable – mendable – bendable – amendable.

Do not go by these peripheral characters.
Pay not much heed to ever-changing temperature
and physical states of human relations.

Concentrate only on one singular theme of love
for the core character of any worthwhile relation is:


Life Is A Trade

Lessons are taught
and lessons learnt.
Karmas are earned
and karmas burnt.

Friends are lost
and friends made.
Debts are taken
and debts repaid.

Life is a trade of
losses and gains.
Life is made of
pleasures and pains.

As the end arrives
all pleasures wane.
Wounds get healed
but the scars remain.

* * *


Who Am I ?


I belong to none

None belongs to me.


This body is not mine

Neither the mind.


Never was I born

Never shall I die.


I am above the stars

I am below the sky.


I am soul eternal

Free an’ for ever.


I am the soul immortal

Pervading everywhere.


This world is nothing but

A playground of mine.


People are none other than

My playmates, all so fine.


I order to keep them

Glued to the game.


Sometimes I win

And often I lose.


But victory and defeat

Never do I chose.


Neither Good – Nor Bad


Neither Good – Nor Bad

You were not good when

people thought you were good.

You were not bad when

people thought you were bad.

You were what you were then.
You are what you are now.

Neither good.

Nor bad.


Be Proud Of Your Journey

You have walked
so far
so long ……


Is it any less achievement
by any standard?


There are many
who don’t even get up
what to talk of walking a step!


You have all the reasons
to be proud of journey performed
so far
so long.



Real Saint


They are so many in this world

who claim they are saint.

How can I recognize

the real one, master?


He whose robe is

made of simplicity.


He whose body is

made of humility.


He whose mind is

made of tranquility.


He whose heart is

made of purity.


He who breathes in

breathes out love.


He who claims nothing

clings to nothing

craves for nothing

complains nothing

pretends nothing

plagiarizes nothing

possesses nothing


O Jigasou!

Know him to be

the real saint.


Om Is Your Home


ॐ (OM)


ॐ is sound

ॐ is silence


ॐ is silence of sound

ॐ is sound of silence


ॐ says all

without saying

anything at all


ॐ silences all

without silencing

anything at all


O Jigasou!

Dwell in ॐ

ॐ is your Home





What is truth?


O Jigasou!

Truth is that

no one knows The Truth.


All are trying

to figure it out.


Some are nearer to it.

Some, very far.


Many claim to know it.

But the wise few keep quiet.


Plunge Yourself



Anchored ashore

all their life

they will keep discussing

the dateless – deathless.


O Jigasou!

Plunge yourself

into the depths.

The fathomless dwells

where measurement fails.



Just Like You


I flow in my own rhythm

just like you.


I live in my own self

just like you.


I love my entire being

just like you.


I enjoy my entire world

just like you.


You are yours an’ I am my lord

just like you.


Oh Dear God!

What’s the difference then

between you and me when

you are like me

and I?

Just like you.





Teaching Nothing



I have dedicated my entire life to you.

Why don’t you teach me things spiritual?


O Jigasou!

In life spiritual, in realm spiritual

none can teach anyone anything

for every soul already knows everything.


A spiritual master can only become

a medium for revelation of knowledge

that already exists in the disciple’s soul.


A Tribute To My Teacher


Last night was Maghi Purnima – full moon night occurring in the month of Magh of spring season as per Hindu calendar.


The settings and timings were perfect for the spiritual climax.


The sun, the monarch of the sky and significator of soul, was in my house of gains directly aspecting the moon in his own sign, who happens to be the lord my spiritual evolution.

Jupiter, significator of spirituality and preceptor, was directly aspecting my house of ‘self’ while saturn who controls my gains and losses was energizing the house of my karma by his physical presence.


O dear teacher!


What I saw outside, up above, was just a replica of what was happening inside.


You were filling my entire inner sky with all your loving light…..

And I, having lost the sense of my I-ness, was  blooming with all the petals wide open to receive your grace.


In what words can I express my gratitude to you when silence is the only way ahead to reach you?



The Voice Inside


One doesn’t become silent

by hailing silence.

One becomes silent

by falling silent.


Shut your eyes.

Shut your mind.

Sew your lips

Seal your ears.

Then hear the Voice

resonating inside.


O Jigasou!

Presence of that Voice is silence.


My Dentist’s Clinic

One day I had severe pain in my mouth so I went to my dentist.

“Nothing wrong with your teeth” declared the dentist after examination, “but your tongue is oversized and over-agile.” She concluded.

“Scrape it or stitch it but relieve me of pain doctor” I requested earnestly.

“I can’t do that” she continued, “only the highest doctor at the highest hospital can.”

There at the top, the highest doctor without even examining me said, “there’s only one remedy for your ailment: silence.”

“But I’m a singing soul……how can I remain silent?” I protested.

“Speak not anything, talk to none. Only sing the songs of your soul under the observation of your dentist,” advised the highest doctor and sent me down here.”

Who says dreams don’t come true?



 “There is a pleasure in the pathless woods;
There is a rapture on the lonely shore;
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar;
I love not man the less, but Nature more…”

— Lord Byron

 * Why do some people love solitude?
 Though Humans, deemed a social animal, some prefer disconnection with world, to be alone..not hating the world..but enjoying the silence, that is more dearer....
 Spending time within, in quietude, reflecting, not being defined by other’s is as crucial to spiritual growth as is happiness/contentment. Loneliness, to the commoner is definitely underrated and people would do anything to avoid being lonely and associate it with sadness, depression, etc..

 * It really is symbolic of self-evaluation, growth, a thorough enhancement ‘going within’. Solitude is a period of great growth if you let it be....realize it.
 ...solitude? looking for space to breathe from a very busy life - meditation..... 'urban solitude ' ....
 My friend. remarked at an old man"this man is crazy alone, too much and can’t take it anymore'
 And Suddenly, the Old man started to talk, pointing at her .
 ' you there , you think i am alone , desperate but i forbid you to think that"
 He was sensitive about not being compassionate, it had upset him.. Nobody wishes to be ALONE.

 * loving SOLITUDE, you have to be pretty resourceful and it is not that of the majority people.
 Silence, solitude, Inward journey helps understand and respect Universal love.

 * How to Find Solitude
 Start by disconnecting.
 Getting away, Take a walk, find a park or a beach or a mountain, find a quiet coffee shop, find a shady spot to rest, People watch, or nature watch. Simply observe....Be Silent !

 * No time for solitude? a tip....
 Sit still, focus on breath - it comes, goes out. Mind wanders, LET IT...gently return to the breath.
 ....Just so easy, yet so...not so....but SsHhh....!

?one; luuuuv eternal! ….?

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Human life and being human

Soul is our destiny

I wonder why we have so many discussions on the purpose of life and who am I ?

Our soul has taken a body of a human being in this birth. We are duty bound to take care of this soul in this form.

Then shouldn’t our first query be , am I doing  justice to this life or not ? Have I really been a human being? Let’s be honest with ourself.

Have I been a good father, son, mother, wife, daughter , husband , friend etc….meaning ,  have I honestly live up to all the relationships I have had in this birth?
Have I been a good citizen, a good neighbour or a compassionate human being towards others?

In this human form we are bestowed with senses, desires, emotions and intellect which come as a package deal with this birth. We have to learn to rule over our senses and emotions and not let our life be ruled by them. When our desires and emotions rule over us, then we are gripped with negatives like , greed, anger and hatred. Then we stop being human.

Life teaches us that karma is in our control  but its results are not in our control. Gita also says so.

I feel we should just go with the flow of life first doing justice to this life before we think anything beyond this life.

I offer all my acts to the Lord in devotion . May He guide and be with me always in all my actions

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