…… ‘I’,iiiii; Who ?

? Who am I ?


Soul, Atma/Jeeva; different from body/mind/intellect;

Body perishes, you do not because there is no entity in the universe that can destroy you.


How do I know that I am different from BMI? (body, mind, intellect) Its just all a chemical reaction?

Very simple! ? 

The body and thoughts have changed since your birth regularly. So you are different from It.

    The consciousness is

                   * You *



-This’ I ‘ is questioning right now and reading this article and knows that ‘I’ exists.
-This ‘I’ is the one who is currently keen to explore who this ‘I’ is.
-After a deep sleep, Well, we say …I had a good sleep.
Say, someone slaps you(Praises, appreciates, insults etc..) neurons stimulate desired reaction –
..feelings of pain, happiness, peace etc….

But ‘who’ feels these?

The very fact that something is felt implies ‘someone’ is feeling.
Obviously an electron, proton, neutron, a hydrogen atom, water molecule, whatever cannot be ‘I’ that feels. This ‘I’ that feels and decides is the soul within the body – our true self. It, NOT Being a physical entity, cannot be affected by physical things. soul is indestructible…
– The Soul is free to decide its actions, but is dependent on Ishwara to face the fruits of its actions. The cumulative of all choices that is exercised each moment since Anaadi Kaal (beginninglessness) up to this moment across various lives and deaths decide our present ‘fruits of actions‘.
These ‘fruits of actions’ are such that they are the best possible fruits to have to reach complete bliss in MOST optimal manner. The soul obtains the capability to act, faces the ‘fruits of actions’.
– When someone murders another person with sword, punishment is accorded to the murderer and not to the maker of sword, the seller of sword or the miner who extracted iron from earth because only the murderer is responsible for the crime. Similarly, Ishwar does not face ‘fruits of actions’ nor can be held responsible for good or bad act of the soul.
– The soul and Ishwar are conscious (Chetan) pure. Both are immortal, unborn and undying.
Ishwar is the creator, manager, destroyer of universe with infinite knowledge, powers, bliss…
The Soul(Nyaya Sutra,1.1.10) is characterised by Desire to obtain something (Ichha), Repel from something (Dwesha), Will to put efforts (Prayatna), Feel happiness (Sukha), Feel sorrow (Dukha), Have knowledge (Jnana)…
– Does the Soul fill entire body? Soul is like a point in space and is limited in knowledge.
– So, Ishwar is both within and outside the soul? But how can another object be where an object is already existing? Hence Ishwar cannot exist where soul exists…may be close to each other…
* Ishwar resides within each soul, each point in the world…relation of pervader-pervaded.
Do soul and Ishwar ever unite as One or always stay separate?
Soul and Ishwar are never separate as Ishwar pervades within and outside soul. But that does not mean soul becomes Ishwar ever. However when soul burns all seeds of ignorance, it acts completely in sync with Ishwar; becomes Ishwara-oriented – state of ultimate bliss or Mukti.
what to do in this life? What is its purpose…to achieve Mukti through right actions.
How to know what are right actions?
Right actions are those actions which are as per Dharma. Dharma is NOT religion. Dharma means natural traits. Dharma of fire is to burn, of water is to be wet… Similarly natural traits/Dharma is there for souls, due to ignorance, this understanding and acting according to Dharma is forgotten. An inner voice always keeps guiding, following it, rest of the things fall in line automatically.

Aitreya Brahman(translation) 

“One who does not put noble efforts tirelessly and relentlessly cannot achieve prosperity and glory. A lazy person who only thinks but does not do anything significant, gets destroyed due to this greatest sin. Ishwar helps only him who puts the best efforts. Look at sun, it never stops and keeps moving.

Hence keep walking, keep walking, ??? ?…  


one; luuuuv eternal! ….?
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