When love hurts ….

She’s broken her heart once again
This foolish love makes her cry in pain
She wanders into d’ dark rainy night
Searching for love to show its light

When love gives pain again n’ again
she longs to be hugged by d’ rain
wishing rain drops will hide her tears
and cool her till the pain disappears

Why does love hurt again and again ?
Where does she go wrong n’ create pain ?
Why do dark clouds obstruct d’ sunlight ?
can she disperse d’ darkness from sight ?

Life without love makes her insane
She keeps on fighting with her pain
Love n’ pain are two sides of life
But without love can she survive ?

You say love gives joy n’ happiness
but she knows love can cause distress
Is there any gain in nursing this pain?
For love makes her both sane and insane

She learns to bear her pain with a smile
pretends things are ok ..fine ..for a while
wipes tears smudging her kohl filled eyes
Marks time to heal her heart’s anguished cries

She prays for a mind which never minds
A strong love filled heart which never hurts
a relationship which only gives ,never expects
life would then be nothing but happiness

Where is such unconditional love found ?
The divinity of love is in Gods love abound
Only when we ourselves become only love
Pain and hurt will die n’ love will rule high above !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

A fooling love
When love hurts

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  1. ” The vast universal suffering feel as thine:
    Thou must bear the sorrow that thou claimst to heal;
    The day-bringer must walk in darkest night.
    He who would save the world must share its pain.
    If he knows not grief, how shall he find grief’s cure? “

    Sri Aurobindo

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