Stock market tip: be a smart investor

Smart investor, stock market

STOCK MARKET TIP – Be a smart investor

There is a big cash crunch with individuals and institutions. Cash levels have dipped very low because of over enthusiastic investment in bullish market. The market is over-heated and most stock prices are at or near their 52 week high. The bearish trend is already overdue and very much round the corner.

Suggestion for smart investors:
Offload your high value over priced stocks gradually in the coming couple of months. The earlier you start the better it is. However, before taking a final action use your discretion , intuitive faculty and market based judgement. Try to keep 50% of your stock assets in liquid/cash form to avail of the opportunities in the impending bearish market.
Individual/ personal queries regarding stock market trends are welcome in comments section or through private messages.

( This message is meant for those having plenty of surplus money , hunch for more easy money and taste for speculative trading ).
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Stock market is a battle field for the rich and super rich only. The average investors are an easy game and fodder for the bears and bulls in the market. It is a game of cunningness, strong financial muscles, manipulations and Government approved and supported legal plunder.
Simple minded innocent honest persons with hard-earned money should stay away from the Stock Market. Be a smart investor.

At this time the market is overheated and over valued. Wait for the suitable opportunity .
Don’t follow the advice of Business TV channels. Most of them are personal, biased and spreading nets to trap the gullible novices.

Currency and Black money

Currency and Black money: GOI (govt. of India) on D8-11-2016 derecognised Rs.500 and Rs. 1000 denomination currency notes, and it expected to replace it with new Rs.500 and Rs. 2000 currency notes to be in circulation from D11-11-2016, and it is given to understand that this immediate step was taken so as to phase out black money and counterfeit currencies from the country. Black money, i.e. tax evaded money is usually hidden in high denomination currency notes as much possible away from sight of other people inside the country; But nowadays those who can have access to foreign travel and/or to foreign banks there, they could keep these money in tax haven bank accounts, or that money could be kept there in others name in foreign banks. Whereas here since long time, even from congress and UPA ruling time, at every financial year end, Indian Finance Ministry has been giving extension approximately about three months in every year for declaring undeclared money. So, as a safe bet, most of the defaulters might have sent outside the country most of their not taxed money, and, what might have hidden here, that may be only a small percentage of it. And, this amount may now be either declared with whatever penalty applicable, or it might be lost if they could not legalise it. So, compared to the huge amount of total black money being generated in the country, what is stacked outside the country seems to be a very huge amount compared to smaller amount only that now might exist inside the country. And, the big fish, still in foreign banks must be smoothly swimming around there within luxurious foreign aquarium without visible to general public at all anywhere. Of course, regarding trapping of non-taxed money what ever amount still existing now inside the country here, people may always say that present action of deregulation of old high denomination notes, is SOMETHING BETTER THAN NOTHING. And, I too agree that these type of drastic steps must be taken once in a while so that the financial wrong doers must be caught, subjected to task, penalized/punished, and made out of such bad business which is harmful to responsibly living and law abiding citizen of the country. ABCNarayan/a2ztruth/ & Black Money.

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