Divinity in us

One of the main rule reganding DIVINITY is that we should be able to see and act in a big (hearted) way in our every action. Anything we do, atleast a small portion of it should be asigned to God's favour, and it to be used as per HIS wish and direction. Our doing any work in a narrow minded way, and then justfying it in support of our selfish goal will not stand good in nick of time as it obstructs actions planned or done by God the Almighty for larger good of the entire society. For example, UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION (UNO) Office and Head Quaters is inside USA country. And, other countries representative could go there if and only if VISA permission is granted from the USA.. 
America gives VISA to any and all countries, even to a country which might be it's biggest enemy. This indicates a Nation's (or to say, it's peoples' collective) SPIRITUAL ATTITUDE.. Let us respect and adhere to our great Sanatana Culture which is the main backbone not only for our own culture but also a contributor of basic cultural guidance to other social and religious cultures evolved later in this World of evolving Human Race... .. GOD IS GREAT, and we are HIS subordinates and followers only.

© Ab Narayan

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