Only if ……

Only if I can lose myself to find myself in you
to start a new beginning honest and true
for every end has a new beginning I am told
Looking around I learn from unseen and untold
Oh ! how painful are ways of losing yourself first
and then to feel intoxicated in bliss and divine thirst

A heavenly image draped in pretty golden hues
Fragrant beautiful flower garlands adorn you
flowers bore with courage a lot of pain and distress
plucked n’ pierced by sharp needles and thread
but now they smile happily feeling blessed
to be wound around your gracious divine neck !

The holy prasad presented at your glorious feet
has a story to tell of its noble win not defeat
It was first stripped as milk from a cow udder
then heated and boiled with spices n’ sugar
losing painfully its original color n’ form
it now feels honored at this sacred transform

The glow of the lamp which burns bright here
is possible because of the ghee in it so pure
which came into being after milk was churned
separated ,heated ,purified and burnt
undergoing all this gave tremendous pain
only on losing oneself it’s possible to gain

The flute on Krishna’s lips has a story to tell
it was an ugly bamboo in the unruly jungle belt
going through the unbearable pain of being
broken chiseled scraped hollowed n’ holed
to play sweet music and dance with the soul
Radha felt so jealous that his flute she stole

So lose yourself first to find your true inner rhythm
sit in silence n’ listen to what comes from within
let go all materialism n’ put on the mantle of love
when you wear only love nothing can rule above
Be awake oh soul ! let not the world make a hole
Shine bright and feel the oneness of being whole !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Only if ......
Only if ……

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