Facebook is a free media where one can express/share his/her opinion on various matters of mutual interest, and also for sharing information with wide range of other people. However, many people use this forum for misinformation and misleading others. And, many use it as a propaganda and publicity forum without even attempting to truly understand the authenticity and appropriateness of the subject matter or the points involved in the views presented there. When ignorant people do so then one can ignore it, but when those people who are supposed to be well learned and socially responsible like Doctors, Engineers, University Professors and other Scholars also present supporting views to justify cheap and irresponsible observations and news, it gives raise to think that broadmindedness, mature and responsible attitude is far less in the present day atmosphere. May Almighty Bless us with good spiritual understanding. © Ab Narayan

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  1. …”broadmindedness, mature and responsible attitude is far less in the present day atmosphere…”

    It has nothing to do with education, birth, culture, nor social position…
    It is reflection of ego or self

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