Bhagwad –Geeta ? Brahmanyaadhaaya karmaaniSangam tyaktvaa karoti yahaLipyate na sa paapenaPadma patram ivaambhasaa! Meaning of this slokha : The person who does actions, offering them to Brahman(the Supreme), abandoning attachment is not tainted by sin, just as a lotus leaf which remains unaffected by the water on it.

The real

The deer

the real * Reality is so simple, uncomplicated, and never so cruel. Being real is in your heart and soul, the real always meets the real. Reality is always bare & open, eternally, for the real. for the real… <3 Image: unsplash

The primordial

Little one

You are One & Only, the primordial, the oldest of the old. You are the first pulse of the beginning, and you in yourself are the pulse of all that is here & now, the tender, and the bold. You’re verily all that is yet to born from the womb of eternity… You’re a story, … Read more

Letter to my daughter

Letter to my daughter Dear Daughter, Authenticity blends the inner and the outer with strength and with highest beauty. It really does not matter, how one looks at you, with which impression. If you can authenticate your actions, your inner power shall protect you. How much you have served your family, need not be certified … Read more

The tree

The tree The tree in many cultures a place of gathering a sacred, shaded place A place where people share their goods and words Questions, answers, statements, thoughts, ideas Verse and Controverse Where some agree and others disagree Where people share their point of view and viewpoints A place where words become sacred And sacred … Read more


Facebook is a free media where one can express/share his/her opinion on various matters of mutual interest, and also for sharing information with wide range of other people. However, many people use this forum for misinformation and misleading others. And, many use it as a propaganda and publicity forum without even attempting to truly understand … Read more


Why India could win only two medals, one bronze, and one silver in the just completed Olympic Games at Rio in Brazil? Is the Games Judges/Juries applied partiality standard towards India, as many Indians like to think so? Your sincere and truly analysed view please. © Ab Narayan

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