Learn ‘Meditation’ from some experienced teacher.

But try to avoid to seek his guidance again and again for some worldly problems you encounter.

Here your own mind and intellect is your best guide.

No other person can guide you in a way your own mental discretion can.

You feel gratitude towards that teacher is enough to pay your obeisance. 

All learning  are directed to make you independently face challenges and difficulties of life.  

Your mind is like a lake where any new information enters like a stone and creates ripples of thoughts.

But after some time as the lake regains its calmness so your mind should.

But this does not happen under usual circumstances

Uninhibited thoughts keep on wandering in your brain.

They keep you chatting internally.

Meditation is relaxing your mind and body in such a way that your mind regains its calmness.

It sweeps away the unnecessary information and  keep your mind  tidy and clean.

Energy that it generates is the energy of free space where more information can be stored more challenges are dealt with.

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