‘Good and bad’, ‘sacred and evil’ are those unnecessary playthings whole of the world is busy with.

Good is fighting with the bad and bad in turn considers good as its enemy.

This so called goodness you hold is relative goodness which always stands against bad.

There is an absolute goodness which synthesizes both good and bad into single uniform act.

Relative goodness is your goodness alone while absolute goodness is universal

You may be considering certain things as bad while universally they may be good and vice versa

You  rarely meditate on whole life to find what is an ABSOLUTE GOODNESS

In your life, good and bad are in conflict both in outer life so they are in you inner life, in your inner mind

Our inner life our inner mind should not be in conflict because of good and bad division

Consciousness working within  has the qualities of absolute.

All discretion of good or bad are products of mind which works in association with society.

Society is a constant process of change. There are legal and social issues which keep on revising

The values on which a society is built change with changing times and so the definitions of good or bad.

For a wise person such divisions only exist in the outer but not in inner mind

But if you hold a hideous nature to cause harm to a person then it is your own inner hell not someone’s else’s.



  1. Sir, many times good and bad are relative to one’s point of view, or how one percieves the things.

    • Shubhkarmandeep, you are right. Good and bad are our own individual point of view. We may differ at individual points of view. But there is an absolute goodness. This too exist in universe. It is beyond. To look at this we shall have to go beyond our own view. Like a scientist or philosopher we shall have to see what is considered good for all humanity and bad for whole humanity.

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