Health is harmony

Living in harmony with the inner and outer environment creates good health.

Before venturing into the field of health and understanding and devising new ways to improve the health status of body must not we ask ourselves whether we cooperate with nature or not, whether we live in tune with nature or not?

There is no end to the degree of harmony one can achieve if one sets oneself to task. The method lies in emphasizing prevention over cure but without neglecting cure if disease already exists.

All what we need is creation of balance e.g. balance in selecting  our food which we require for taste buds satisfaction and what we require for the cellular function;

Balance in the rest and comfort we take and rest or comfort we need;

Balance in competing with co-fellows physically for survival and dominate them mentally for ego satisfaction

And above all balance in our motives that we undertake for an influential life and for healthy life.

We can clearly see that one aspect of life if dominant would create diseased society infected with wars and chaos while other one if balanced would create healthy society with frugal desires to cause depletion of earth resources.

Individual balance or harmony has a vertical dimension which is the dynamic interplay of one’s mind, body and spirit. There is horizontal dimension which is the equilibrium between the individual and his/ her physical environment.

If physical body should be in balance with gross nature, the mind should be in balance with the group-mind of the society. Our soul should be in tune with the universal soul which means complete satisfaction for the life we are provided with.

It is easiest to harmonize the body-mind-soul complex by starting with the body, which is comparatively stable and easy to approach.

Balance of mind and spirit which is delicate and little difficult to stabilize but becomes easy once the body has been made firm and healthy.

The medical practices which entirely deal with making the individual biologically living are one step short of those which deal with making him mentally sound and spiritually honest.

There are certain therapies like Yoga and Meditation which make individual physically strong and prevent diseases. Meditation clears the mind of unwanted worrisome thoughts which tax the body with nervous over activity and are the cause of our anxious behavior.

The creation of dynamic balance in the mind body and spirit is the basis of our harmony with the nature and ultimate health.balance-health

3 thoughts on “Health is harmony”

  1. must not we ask ourselves

    whether we cooperate with nature or not?
    whether we live in tune with nature or not?

    And if we find the answers to those questions

    Adjust our thinking, lifestyle and attunement?

  2. With growing disharmony in outer environment and nature
    Living in harmony with the inner becomes problematic

    World wide health is under threat

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