You may be introvert or extrovert in your mental dispositions.

If you are an introvert in nature try to overcome your introvertedness.

Try to be more aware of your surroundings and people around you. 

Develop healthy relationship with the people you know. Do not work on the dictates of your co inhabitants. 

Develop friendships where you are an equal partner and not a submissive one. 

Help others in their difficulty and never hesitate to ask for help in your own.

If you are an extrovert try to cut short your activities.

Try to observe your routine.

Cut short your ‘friendly circle’ that keeps you busy all the time and try to expand that ‘humanity circle’ where you do charity without seeking recognition.

Help others in a manner that you do not seek the repayment even in your thoughts.

Try bearing loss without repentance.

See for yourself your work being done where you are also a performer but do not make yourself that passionate active performer.

Try to develop that ‘dispassion’ that casual manner in all your activities.   

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