The sound is in the ears

The sound is in the ears
Your inner hearing…

The sound is in the ears

Amongst our five senses,
the hearing is the most important.
If the ear rebels, the other senses rebel…

All senses are equally important
Of course

It is only recently that the prevalence of hearing,
(when it comes to obedience for example) imposed to me

Most Holy Scriptures start with “listen” or “hear”

And the importance of the sound and word is stressed
Rather than the picture or vision

When you close your eyes,
you activate alfa and beta sounds…
The sound of meditation…

Close your eyes and listen…

The sound is in the ears
Open your heart and listen


– Divine sound is the cause of all manifestation –

Nanak, in the Jap Ji, has called it Hukam and describes Its working:
All things are manifestations of His Will,
But His Will is beyond description.
By His Will is matter quickened into life,
By His Will is greatness obtained.
By His Will some are born high and others low,
By His Will (the impious) wander in endless transmigration.
All exists under His Will,
And nothing stands outside.
One attuned with His Will, O Nanak, is wholly free from ego…

The sound of Sikh prayer

– Mesmerizing Divine Sound –

BG 17 : 23

Om is a single syllable word that denotes brahman.
It is the most sacred sound according to Hindu belief.

Tat means ‘that’ or ‘it’ and refers to brahman.
It serves as a reminder that ‘we are not doing the work’
and helps overcome our ego.

Sat means ‘real’ or ‘good’ and refers to brahman.
It inspires an overall attitude of goodness in action.

Om Tat-Sat : Om, the eternal transcendental sound vibration of Ultimate consciousness, the threefold representation known to indicate Ultimate Truth.
This is declared to be the threefold designation of the Absolute.

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– Hear, o Israël, the sound of Shofar

The gathering of menkind in praise of the only One

Thank you all for making me wonder and find Beauty!

The science of life

Science of Life

Good Morning Friend;
Namaste.. _/\_

A Spritual seeker,
in fact, is a scientist / research scholar of Metaphysics …,
or we can say “The Science of Life”.

Keeping the above idea in mind….
I would request you to go through the post
which is published as my article number 2.
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Stone is not a good conductor of ‘Awareness’, and therefore , it is not Aware of its external world of things and beings, circumstances and happenings.

The Plant however, although responds to the different seasons, but is not Aware of its inner world of ‘thoughts’ and ‘ideas’.

Animals are seen to be not only aware of the external world of things and beings, circumstances and happenings, but also seen to be Aware of their mental state, but surely not Aware of their Intellectual state to judge and distinguish the real from the unreal; in short, unaware of ‘rational thinking’.

Man, and Man alone is the animal that is, to a comparatively greater degree , at once Aware of the world out side, and the world within, that is, both the Mental, and the state, still deeper within; the Intellectual states of Awareness.

Spiritual SEEKER (A Scientist of LIFE) is the one, whose attempt is to develop this Awareness to such an extent that one becomes AWARE of not only the outer and the inner world, but also of the Inner Most… the SPIRIT.


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Sense Objects

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Sense objects are five in number.

They are Sound, Touch, Forms, Taste and Smell. These are subtle forms of the five states of matter, and are known as the ‘Tanmaatraas’ in the scriptures.

Sound is the subtle form of Space, Touch is the subtle form of Air, Forms and colors are the subtle form of Fire, Taste is inherent in Water and the inherent nature of Earth is Smell.

Sense objects are consumed by the sense organs of perception , which are also five in number.

They are the Ears, Skin, Eyes, Tongue and the Nose.

After digestion, the waste of the sense objects are excreted through the five ‘sense-organs-of action’.

They are the Vocal chord, Legs, Hands, Genitals and the Anus.

Thus, Sound and Space meet at the Ear…after consumption, the sense object (sound) is excreted through the Vocal Chord. The circuit becomes complete after the Sound is returned back to the Space.

Similarly Touch and Air meet at the Skin… after consumption, the sense object (touch) is excreted through the Hands. The ‘Touch’ is returned back to the Air to complete the circuit.

Forms and Fire meet at the Eyes… and forms are excreted through the Legs.

Taste and Water meet at the Tongue…

Taste is excreted through the Genitals , and finally
Smell and Earth meet at the Nose… Smell is excreted through the Anus.

Qualities of the five elements :-

Earth… Its quality is Smell.. it can also be tasted, seen, touched and heard…. state..Solid. It is the grossest of all the five elements.

Water… Its quality is Taste.. It can not be smelt, but it can also be seen, touched and heard…. state…liquid. It is subtler than Earth but grosser than Fire, Air and Space.

Fire…. Its quality is Forms and Colors.. It can not be smelt and tasted, but it can be touched and heard also… state…gaseous. It is subtler than Earth and Water but grosser than Air and Space.

Air……Its quality is Touch.. It can not be smelt, tasted or seen, but it can be heard…. state…gaseous. It is subtler than Earth, Water and Fire but grosser than Space.

Space..Its quality is Sound…It can not be smelt, tasted, seen or touched; it can only be heard… state.. gaseous. It is the subtlest of all gross matters and also the most pervasive.

The grossest (earth) is the least pervasive; the subtler is vaster and the subtlest is the vastest. This is the rule.

Therefore Water occupies vaster space than the Earth, area of Fire is still vaster, area occupied by the Air in space is still vaster and the vastest obviously, is the Space.


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