Sense Objects

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Sense objects are five in number.

They are Sound, Touch, Forms, Taste and Smell. These are subtle forms of the five states of matter, and are known as the ‘Tanmaatraas’ in the scriptures.

Sound is the subtle form of Space, Touch is the subtle form of Air, Forms and colors are the subtle form of Fire, Taste is inherent in Water and the inherent nature of Earth is Smell.

Sense objects are consumed by the sense organs of perception , which are also five in number.

They are the Ears, Skin, Eyes, Tongue and the Nose.

After digestion, the waste of the sense objects are excreted through the five ‘sense-organs-of action’.

They are the Vocal chord, Legs, Hands, Genitals and the Anus.

Thus, Sound and Space meet at the Ear…after consumption, the sense object (sound) is excreted through the Vocal Chord. The circuit becomes complete after the Sound is returned back to the Space.

Similarly Touch and Air meet at the Skin… after consumption, the sense object (touch) is excreted through the Hands. The ‘Touch’ is returned back to the Air to complete the circuit.

Forms and Fire meet at the Eyes… and forms are excreted through the Legs.

Taste and Water meet at the Tongue…

Taste is excreted through the Genitals , and finally
Smell and Earth meet at the Nose… Smell is excreted through the Anus.

Qualities of the five elements :-

Earth… Its quality is Smell.. it can also be tasted, seen, touched and heard…. state..Solid. It is the grossest of all the five elements.

Water… Its quality is Taste.. It can not be smelt, but it can also be seen, touched and heard…. state…liquid. It is subtler than Earth but grosser than Fire, Air and Space.

Fire…. Its quality is Forms and Colors.. It can not be smelt and tasted, but it can be touched and heard also… state…gaseous. It is subtler than Earth and Water but grosser than Air and Space.

Air……Its quality is Touch.. It can not be smelt, tasted or seen, but it can be heard…. state…gaseous. It is subtler than Earth, Water and Fire but grosser than Space.

Space..Its quality is Sound…It can not be smelt, tasted, seen or touched; it can only be heard… state.. gaseous. It is the subtlest of all gross matters and also the most pervasive.

The grossest (earth) is the least pervasive; the subtler is vaster and the subtlest is the vastest. This is the rule.

Therefore Water occupies vaster space than the Earth, area of Fire is still vaster, area occupied by the Air in space is still vaster and the vastest obviously, is the Space.


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