He was the one…
Only one….
The Best one…
Only one…
My idol and the creator

HE was my FATHER

Who never feared
Whether there is soft sunshine
Or dense darkness…

Who never bothered

Who knocks at his door
Whether pain or pleasure….
From whose eyes oozes all the time only LOVE…

He was my FATHER…

By profession a doctor…
But an intense walker…
A simple believer…

Whenever there was a storm
He stood unfazed & strong
Never bothered lightening
Or a hailstorm filled with packs of stones

One who accepted with a smile
Both sad and happy moments together

He was my father
From whom I learnt
The magic of surrender

When the towering waves of calamity
Surpasses all thinkable disasters
When someone in the family was pushed to
The ultimate state of existence
One who has mystically applied his prayers
Saving the moment from being shattered
Bring normalty back chanting the name of GOD
Teaching us the power of chanting GOD’s name…..
His life full of grandeurs….
Driving his boat with equanimity & contentment…
He was our father… a walker… simple believer….

This is a time that appears every year,
When we join together
To express our gratitude and build his memoir.
On this twenty-fifth anniversary of his departure
Sailing the journey with his all time pervading fragrance….
We all remembered his divine presence in our lives
Rediscovering his Permeating essence, sense and presence…..
That influenced us through layers after layer
An all time great….. An all time date… an all time mate
so glowing….. So growing …. So beaming
With his Towering presence… our FATHER

He was the one…
Only one….
The Best one…
Only one…
My idol and the creator
HE was my FATHER

a father
a fathwer


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