The Autumn leaf

This autumn my mind travelled far far away
as a leaf came flying into my lap that sunny day
it wasn’t as green as those I could see
but a pretty red with streaks of orange melody

The trembling little wispy leaf kept sitting there
till the wind picked it up to lash it elsewhere
my heart just leaped and almost cried in pain
to see the leaf helplessly caught in the windy rain

A while ago it was bonded with its green peers
smiling and waving in the wind with cheers
never ever did it dream of being detached
lying crumpled and wet on a muddy brown patch

Oh I cried ! don’t trample it any more
when the little boy jumped on it encore
it lay shapeless and lifeless on the muddy path
fast becoming a part of Mother Earth at last !

Not a whisper not a sound did it ever make
except for a soft rustle a quiver and a quake
nestled in the lap of Mother Earth it smiled
thats life it seemed to say take it in this stride .

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

The autumn leaf
The autumn leaf


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