Oh life ,I love you

Oh Life ,I love you

Oh life ,

my  beautiful co traveler

what should I say

I love you every day

what you give
me on this path
I will accept
with all my heart …
Oh life
I don’t know till today
why i never
understood your ways
I love you so much
that I  keep walking
with hope and faith
as long as you are with me
I fear no enemy …
Oh life
your roads at times
are full of puddles
and potholes
at times ,soft green grass
strewn with earthy flowers
both exist side by side
I’ve learnt to
endear them alike …
Oh life
despite all the pain
you never leave my side
even when I cry
you raise my spirits
by your strength and courage
and bring joy and pleasure
for me to treasure ..
Oh life
you are Gods gift
so it matters not
if you drop me
or give me a lift
it’s these ups and downs
which make  me feel alive
for to live  life
in a straight line
means I don’t survive ….
All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

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