My Sunshine everywhere

Sitting outside on a cloudy day
Looking at the hiding sun rays
Missing its glorious bright sight
I spoke to the peeping sun light

The days we laughed and played
It was such fun each day was done
Energy flowed n gave me strength
Your warm caress I felt at each bend

I wish the dark clouds would sail away
So that I could feel your love and play
dance n sing together hand in hand
Sinking my bare feet in the gritty sand

Hide n seek is not my game
It makes me unhappy and insane
Pray you emerge fast from your shrine
And light up my world with your shine

Your beautiful silver lining around I see
Gives me hope you will come to me
You are my sunshine my life my world
Their is no one here your worth !

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi – Pic clicked by me at Chidiya Tapu Andaman

My sunshine
My sunshine

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