Sky sea romance

Oh! My love we are so far and yet so near
said the glorious sky to the glassy sea
I see my shimmering reflection in you
as the sun rays kiss you passionately

Since eons we’ve been playing together
without a break in every single weather
when I am serene , sober n’ steady
you seem so cutely calm n’ ready

But when I rage, thunder rumble n’ roar
you become rough n’ bumpy to the core
your high and low ebbs n’ tides
are ruled by the sun n’ moon vibes

When i dress up in twinkling stars
you woo me with your silent heart
and when the silvery full moon arrives
you jump n leap with joy to come alive

I can’t wait to hug you at each horizon
as I see lovers stroll along hand in hand
absorbed in our beautiful blissful union
as hearts play a sensuous seductive band

Oh! My love our romance is truly eternal
as every day n’ night unites us n’ separates
at the break of misty dawn I eagerly await
your tender loving touch n’ warm embrace

Glory be to the unseen benevolent almighty
for bestowing his umpteen holy blessings
for without his mysterious mystic presence
our very existence would be a question !


All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi

Sky sea romance
Sky sea romance


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