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Why Are So Many People Unhappy?

Fundamental answer to the question is succinct in two words: “ Imperative Expectations “

In a way, it is not permitting oneself to be happy until certain inflated things happen….creating a huge gap between ‘what is’ & ‘what’ one thinks ‘must be’, seem/makes life intolerable/miserable.
This fundamental delusion arises only because of uncertainty of ‘what we really are?’ The only knowledge that can destroy it is true experiential knowledge of what we really are. A clear and correct understanding of the true nature of happiness will enable to seek it…By Inquiry (analysis).
….Say, I Luuuuvvv…chocolates. In mind there is an association with the bitter-sweet taste of chocolate with the feeling of pleasure, accustomed to experience whenever tasted. Even the sight or smell of chocolate, or the sound of its silver foil being opened, will give pleasure.
* But does the taste of chocolate necessarily create a feeling of pleasure? No, it only creates such a feeling, as I like it so much, but it will create no such feeling in a person who is indifferent to it, and it will create a feeling of disgust in a person who positively dislikes it.
Eating too much chocolate creates sickness, an aversion for it…feelings of pleasure as well as disgust……(subject to the law of Diminishing Marginal Unity)
*Therefore it is clear that the happiness derived from eating chocolate is determined not by the actual taste of chocolate, but only by our liking for that taste.
*The same is the case with any of the pleasures that is experienced through the five senses and that satisfaction is usually experienced only momentarily. Moreover, mind is distracted by other thoughts, there is no feeling of any particular pleasure, even though there is immense liking for it. Only when mind is free of thoughts, one can really enjoy…the pleasure or get satisfied of desires.
The Best ‘ Emotional – Spot‘ to BE IN…. Be Happier
…Happiness is a process…its prime element is eliminating imperative expectations.
…Practicing to keep identifying imperative expectations, eliminating them and switching to a more constructive and carefree way of thinking….thereby feeling less stressed and enjoying life more.
…Reaching that point where happiness with life ‘as it is’ and
…As ‘making it’…becomes steady… Is the best emotional spot to be in.

Practice Self-Enquiry…

Pay attention to the inner feeling of ‘I’ and hold on to it as long as possible.
Whenever other thoughts distract, pull the attention back to the ‘I’-thought again.
question oneself:

‘Who am I?’ or ‘Where does this ‘I’ come from?’

When subjective feeling does not connect with thoughts/objects the ‘I’ feeling vanishes.
What remains is the sense of Being and the individual has temporarily ceased to exist.
When self-enquiry reaches this level there is an effortless awareness of being in which individual effort is no longer possible since the ‘I’ has temporarily ceased to exist.
* This is not Self-realization.
Continuous practice and experience of this state of being will destroy the mental tendencies (vasanas). This weakening of the vasanas will eventually be completely destroyed by the power of the Self that the ‘I’-thought will never rise again.
This is the final state of Self-realization.
This self-attention to the ‘I’-thought is that it merely gently invokes the awareness .
Once awareness of the ‘I’-feeling has been established, no more effort is required. From now onwards, it is a matter of Being rather than doing.
Simply Stated….

Do not meditate —be!
Do not think that you are – be!
Don’t think about being – you are!

* In self-enquiry, it is not really using the mind to kill the mind but seeking the source of the mind and in this process finding the non-existence of the mind .

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