Judging infinity

Standing at the mountain edge
on a moonless starry night
i gaze into the heavens above
oh ! what a delirious mystic sight

I feel myself expand even
into vast infinite emptiness
as my heart heaves a seven
at the absolute nothingness

And now my eyes look down
on the calm water flowing below
as I feel myself collapsing
into an esoteric streamy flow

Oh!what huge unknown unseen
are these limitless crazy mysteries
out here in this boundless sea
the sheer potentials make my mind freeze

And now as I look into my inside
I find the outside merging in me
as my limited strange perceptions
seem to fondly play hide and seek

I slowly wrap my empty head
around the vast vacant escape
trying to discern the dynamic range
of apparent consciousness at stake …

All rights reserved @ Pushpa Chaturvedi


Consciousness at stake
Consciousness at stake

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